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Boss Controls Ltd is a Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) company.
We specialise in BEMS optimisation and maintenance to effectively control
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

A selection of our valued clients who have benefited from reduced energy bills and improved productivity.

‘Did you know that 90% of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are running inefficiently? This is costing organisations across the UK in excess of £500m a year. The most effective way of improving the efficiency of any HVAC system is by installing and optimising a Building Energy Management System (BMS)’
(Source: The Carbon Trust)
Boss Controls: UK’s leading BMS servicing engineers

Boss Controls Ltd is a leading independent Building Management Systems (BMS) company. We specialise in effectively controlling buildings so that heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are running at peak performance. This reduces energy consumption, optimises comfort and helps organisations save £000s.

Our BMS expert engineers focus on understanding your building so we can optimise your BMS to its full potential, reducing your energy consumption and greenhouse gases, thus increasing your bottom line, while promoting corporate social responsibility.  A BMS system is only as good as the engineer who writes the strategy for it and our engineers are trained to the highest standard.

We are based in West Sussex and provide coverage across much of the UK. We provide a comprehensive range of BMS services including:

Boss Controls is the perfect BMS partner for your organisation because we understand the challenges that different sectors face. Contact us today on 01403 886508.

Most of all, we understand that each organisation is different and our clients generally enjoy return on investment within a few months.



Fully accredited Trend and Siemens partners

  • We are fully accredited Trend and Siemens partners which means we are able to offer independent advice and recommend the most appropriate combination to optimise your BMS to reduce energy consumption and increase comfort.
  • Our engineers adhere to globally uniform Trend and Siemens standards and we renew our certification at regular intervals.

Helping you exceed your KPIs

  • We always endeavour to reuse as much equipment as possible to minimise cost and also the impact on the environment.
  • We optimise your BMS allowing your employees to achieve their full potential and exceed their KPIs.
  • We have worked with numerous landlords and property managers to reduce energy and improve comfort levels improving occupancy levels.

Remote systems

  • Our remote BMS systems detect the source of inefficiency allowing you to make immediate changes for maximum impact.
  • With the assistance of our technical helpdesk (Bureau) we can provide our clients with an alarm monitoring service which enables our clients with our assistance to take a proactive approach to any mechanical plant issues and minimises any disruption to the building occupants

We empower our customers

  • Our expert engineers demystify Building Energy Management Systems (BMS) for our customers by clearly explaining their work and avoiding jargon.
  • We help you to control energy consumption across multiple sites within your organisation. By sharing our knowledge, this empowers our customers to make smarter, informed decisions.

BS EN 15232 audit reports

  • We help customers working towards the BS EN 15232 – this is a standard which ensures you have methods in place to control the impact of building automation and energy management in buildings.
  • BOSS CONTROLS has the expertise, technical ability and tools to carry out BS EN 15232 audits on behalf of our clients to enable them to realise the energy savings that can be achieved through this nationally recognised standard’.

We understand our customers

  • We work with energy managers and facilities managers from all sorts of industries including pharmaceuticals, retail, healthcare, education so understand the challenges that each organisation faces.
  • We always take time to understand your needs so we can exceed your expectations.

What is a Building Energy Management System (BMS)?

A Building Energy Management System (BMS), sometimes called a Building Management System (BMS) or a Building Automation Control Systems (BACS) is a system that controls heating, ventilation, cooling, hot water (HVAC) and lighting in buildings.

BOSS CONTROLS specialises in configuring and optimising BMS systems which has three significant benefits for your organisation:

  1. PEOPLE: We create the perfect working environment for maximum comfort of your employees which promotes well-being, reduces sick-days and increases productivity;
  2. PLANET: We help you to reduce energy consumption by effectively controlling functions which leads to improved operational and energy efficiencies. We also configure energy-saving functions based on the building’s requirements which avoids unnecessary energy use and CO2 emissions.
  3. PROFIT: We have helped our clients to save £000s annually by focusing on the above benefits with financial payback within months.

Boss Controls in the Education Sector

Boss Controls in the Healthcare Sector

Innovation in carbon reduction

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