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Five ways in which Boss Controls is integrating the Government’s 25 year Environmental Plan into its business practices.

Boss Controls has read and digested the 25 year Environmental Plan and has found five ways in which it is already implementing elements into its business practices. This is helping clients and Boss Controls' to protect our beautiful planet. Where sections...

What is the perfect temperature for Christmas shopping?

So who has started their Christmas shopping? With less than seven weeks until Christmas, the shopping centres are already beginning to fill with stressed shoppers. How can Boss Controls help Christmas shoppers to improve their Christmas Shopping...

Boss Controls is Cyber Secure

Boss Controls has recently been awarded the certificate for the Cyber Essentials Scheme: It is important for us to lead by example because we use the latest BMS technology to enable UK businesses to reduce their energy consumption and increase levels of well-being and productivity.

How Boss Controls is supporting World Mental Health Day #WMHD

We have previously reported on how office temperature affects productivity levels. In preparation for World Mental Health Day #WMHD, we have been busy researching the effects of temperature on mental health. The effects of office temperature on...

On this day in 1969, the Brady Bunch was launched. What’s the connection to BMS?

Our BMS expert engineers optimise your BMS controls to minimise the use of HVAC by increasing deadband widths and installing building occupancy sensors. Our intelligent BMS control strategies ensure that HVAC only works when absolutely needed, reducing wasted energy consumption and greenhouse gases. Upgrading to remote BMS enables our engineers to diagnose any wasted energy and toxic greenhouse gas within minutes, also minimising potential disruption to your business.

Building Energy Efficiency Survey

Boss Controls is excited to learn about the Building Energy Efficiency Survey (BEES) published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The study collected data through a large sample of telephone surveys (3,690) across ten sectors and...

We have moved!

We've moved! Our address is: The Stable Block, First floor, North Street, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1RJ Phone: 01403 886508 Email: Boss Controls is now based in the offices are situated above the Conservatory Café, a Grade II listed converted...

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