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The Healthcare Sector

Energy reduction in the NHS and Private Healthcare

Energy reduction in the NHS and Healthcare Sector

The NHS has a carbon footprint of 21 million tonnes CO2 per year and there is continuous pressure to reduce its carbon footprint and keep costs down (source: Carbon Trust). Approximately 60-80% of a building’s energy consumption is controlled via the BMS and our experts ensure that your BMS is optimized to the way the building is used and therefore can make a significant positive impact in a short space of time. Boss Controls has been responsible for energy reduction in the NHS and Private Healthcare since 2011.

In a hospital, it is essential to provide close control of temperature, humidity and pressure in high dependency and critical areas such as operating theatres, control hot and cold water, compliance with Building Regulations Part L & HTM and ensuring targeted alarms are working.

Signs of an inefficient BEMS are increased patient and employee sickness levels, high levels of employee absenteeism and reduced productivity. A deteriorating or poorly maintained BEMS can also have deadly consequences and can increase the risk of legionellosis.

Boss Controls optimises BMS controls to create the perfect hospital temperature for faster healing

Boss Controls works with many hospitals throughout the UK optimising the building temperature which is critical in preventing infections. With pressure to prevent bed blocking, we are helping hospitals within the health care sector to heal patients more quickly by creating the perfect environment for convalescing.

We also help hospitals to maintain the clean supply of  air in operation rooms is essential to prevent Post Operative Wound Infections (POWI’s). Our Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS alarms) will alert you at all times if there is risk of infection, allowing you to take action quickly.

With doctors and nursing staff working many hours, they too need to be healthy. Boss Controls optimise hospital BMS systems to control temperature, lighting, humidity and CO content across hospitals ensuring your team are working smart and promoting well-being.


A selection of our valued clients who have benefited from reduced energy bills and improved productivity.

Boss Controls in the Education Sector

Boss Controls in the Healthcare Sector

Innovation in carbon reduction

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