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Managing humidity in museums and galleries

The most important thing in a museum or gallery are the objects on display and safeguarding objects from environmental damage including polllution, light damage, humidity and temperature is critical.

Objects can be extremely sensitive to air pollution and if incorrectly managed, can lead to mould, rust and othe corrosion.

Boss Controls remotely optimises the humidty, termperature and air flow in many of the UK’s top galleries. We work with museums and galleries with collections dating back to the 16th century, worth billions of pounds. As you can imagine the insurance terms and conditions are strict, placing a huge responsilbity on Buidlng Management Systems (BMS) and BMS engineers.

Our engineers are trained to the highest possible level, giving museum and gallery owners peace-of-mind. Our systems are optimised so when you are launching an exhibition which will attract a high number of visitors, your BMS will be able to accurately measure the amount of CO2 in the air and adjust the environment accordingly, protecting museum exhibits.

There is little room for acceptable variation in relative humidity and risking pollution is not advised. Our BMS engineers are not only trained in BMS they also understand that each room requires different environment and therefore take care to understand the needs of each object.

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