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The Retail Sector

Carrob Controls in the Retail Sector
Optimising BEMS in the Retail Sector

Boss Controls’ optimise building management systems (BMS)  in retail outlets which control air conditioning units, and electric panel heaters, internal and external lighting and over-door heating. These can be managed to align with your times of trade. A number of retail outlets also use CO2 detectors to sense the number of customers so temperature can be adjusted for optimum comfort, ensuring your customers remain loyal, boosting footfall and the local ecnomy.

If shops are unoccupied for a predetermined time, Boss Controls BMS engineers can depress the temperature set points, switching off the air conditioning and reducing energy consumption to save your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

A selection of our valued clients who have benefited from reduced energy bills and improved productivity.

Boss Controls in the Education Sector

Boss Controls in the Healthcare Sector

Innovation in carbon reduction

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