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The Boss Group at The Academies Show

Vicky Vaughan

Boss Controls at The Academies Show

The Boss Group at The Academies Show

On 3rd and 4th April 2019, The Boss Group exhibited at the Schools and Academies Show, Excel, London. It was an interesting event and we learned lots of new ways in which we can make an invaluable contribution by providing energy efficiency solutions to lots of stakeholders within the education sector.   

We learned from the MP, Damian Hinds’ speech that advertising for new staff is a near-constant task for many heads and administrators and this uses up vast amount of school budgets that could be better spent elsewhere.

Boss Controls can help organisations to reduce recruitment costs because we create working environments which enable staff to feel more comfortable and therefore, be more productive in their work promoting a sense of wellbeing. On the flip side, the wrong temperature inhibits smart thinking and causes stress which is not helpful in staff retention. 

The Boss Group helps the education sector by placing CO2 sensors within buildings and classrooms which detect building occupancy. We then develop strategies which create smart, energy efficient classrooms in more ways than one. It is our mission to optimise the temperature and environment in schools and academies to boost wellbeing for students and teachers.

We also have a range of deals, advice and support to improve energy efficiency in your sector by helping clients realise and reap the rewards of BEMS technology. Everything can be connected to make working and studying in schools and academies more comfortable.  

The Boss Group is at the heart of the BEMS digital revolution. We are putting plans in place to be ready to recruit and train the next generation of tech savvy students who care about energy efficiency and protecting our planet.

Call the Boss Energy Solutions team on 01403 886508 to discuss Boss Energy’s BEMS innovation and let us help you to make learning a better and more successful experience for your teachers, children and young people.


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