BOSS CONTROLS’ brand guidelines


Why bother with brand guidelines?

 As BOSS CONTROLS continues to grow, it is important that our employees, future employees and partners communicate understand and respect our brand visuals, to create consistency and, in turn, trust. 


Brand Guidelines contents



We will make a notable difference in reducing energy consumption, improving well-being and productivity for our clients.



We are innovators and create smart and efficient technical solutions for the built environment.


Core values

BOSS CONTROLS truly lives by its core values. You can read more about each value here.

We respect

Respect builds feelings of trust and enables our colleagues and clients to feel valued. We respect differences in one another and seek opportunities to walk in another’s shoes. We avoid prejudgment before giving people the time to talk.

We communicate

People often forget that listening is a key communication skill. Through careful listening, we understand and achieve our goals. We ensure that our whole team are effectively communicating and are truly customer-focused.

We empower

BOSS CONTROLS’ empowers colleagues and clients to make informed decisions resulting in  positive impact. We create fair and achievable benchmarks, measurements and targets which pushes people in the right direction, while feeling in control.

We balance

Balance is key for our journey to achieve Net Zero, which is the balance of greenhouse gas produced vs the amount removed from the atmosphere. Couple this with enabling our team to balance operational, economic and environmental KPIs.

We learn

In order to achieve our accreditations, we continuously invest in the development of team and clients to optimise the buildings in which we work. We are always looking for opportunities to improve.

Our logo components



Together, we breathe life into buildings.



A circular dial represents control and movement.


  • Our logo font is bold and has been stylised.
  • Body text is ‘roboto’ which complements the shape of our main logo.
  • Roboto can be downloaded from Google using this link.
  • Roboto is simple, professional, and easy to read.
  • Roboto has a large family of weights, which makes it great for brochure and website design.

Overall look and feel

BOSS CONTROLS’ Ltd is a leading independent Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS/BMS) company. We specialise in effectively controlling buildings so that heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are running at peak performance. This reduces energy consumption, optimises comfort and helps organisations save £000s.

BOSS CONTROLS logo - brand guidelines

Our logo use and misuse


Registered Trademark

BOSS CONTROLS is a registered trademark number UK00003381274.



  • ‘BOSS CONTROLS’ should be used. Our company should not be abbreviated to ‘Boss’ or ‘BOSS’.
  • BOSS CONTROLS’ should be written in Initial Caps and not as BOSS CONTROLS.


BOSS CONTROLS’ logo should be respected by allowing it room to breathe, by using white space around the logo, and avoiding placing on fussy backgrounds.



The BOSS CONTROLS’ logo should never be squashed or distorted. It should remain in proportion when resizing.

BOSS CONTROLS (BMS controls) logo - white space - logo usage
BOSS CONTROLS (BMS controls) logo misuse - do not distort

Let our logo breathe

Please don’t place our logo over similar colours, or fussy backgrounds.
BOSS CONTROLS logo use and misuse - colourways - logo backgrounds - BMS controls

Logo size

The BOSS CONTROLS’ logo can be enlarged or decreased in size, in proportion, to fit marketing and design templates including promotional merchandise, signage, social media templates, and such like. Please use the simpler version of our logo, available in the logo pack to be used when the logo is reduced in size below 20mm width.

BOSS CONTROLS logo sizing guide brand guidelines

BOSS CONTROLS’ primary colour palette

Our primary colour is dark blue, with cyan accents. Please see colour references below. 



BOSS CONTROLS’ Blue is our primary logo colour.  Blue is the colour of nature and represents integrity, trust, security, and seriousness. BOSS CONTROLS’ is serious about achieving its vision through living its mission and values.

  • Pantone: 274 
  • Hex: #262262
  • RGB: R=38 G=34  B=98
  • CMYK: C=100% M=100% Y=25% K=25%


BOSS CONTROLS’ Black is the dominant colour on this website because it represents power and determination. As a company, we strive to make BMS technology accessible to all eco conscious organisations. 

  • Pantone: 447 
  • Hex: #373a36
  • RGB: R=55 G=58  B=54
  • CMYK: C=69% M=60% Y=64% K=54%


BOSS CONTROLS’ Sky Blue represents calmness and our ‘balance’ value. In a complex world, professionally optimised BMS controls enable businesses to balance and keep on top of their challenges and demands. 

  • Pantone: 278 
  • Hex: #8bb8ea
  • RGB: R=139 G=184  B=234
  • CMYK: C=43% M=18% Y=0% K=0%


BOSS CONTROLS’ Teal is formed of yellow and blue, making it warmer. This represents the temperature of our environment. 

  • Pantone: 7703 
  • Hex: ##0397bb
  • RGB: R=3 G=151  B=187
  • CMYK: C=80% M=25% Y=18% K=0%


BOSS CONTROLS’ Citrus Green represents our investment in green energy. Behind the scenes of BMS Controls, we are continuously researching renewable energy. 

  • Pantone: 278 
  • Hex: #8bb8ea
  • RGB: R=139 G=184  B=234
  • CMYK: C=43% M=18% Y=0% K=0%


Please use Roboto for all body text. where possible, in all documents and communications. Roboto is a free font with a large family of different weights, enabling staff to still express their personality in communications.

  • Use this link to download Roboto.
  • Use this link for instructions to load Roboto onto your PC.
  • If you have problems loading Roboto onto your PC, Arial is the closest match, so please use that.
  • When sending letters, please use 11pt for body text, to improve accessiblity.


Boss Font - Roboto body text

BOSS CONTROLS’ archetypes

Archetypes help us express our personality and brand voice in our communications. You can imagine how each archetype would talk.


The Sage

The Sage wants to find the truth and understand the world, in our case continuously research and deploy technology to make a notable difference iin reducing energy concumption, improving well-being and productivity for our clients. The Sage uses insights, knowledge and analysis to achieve this. Our drivers are: enlightenment, truth, knowledge and understanding. When communicating, it is essential that we cite source material where possible. Our accreditations prove our investment in people, training, research and innovation. 


The Innocent

The Innocent is idealistic, socially responsible, ethical, and fair. They see the best in everything. We collaborate with our clients, and together we breathe life into buildings, enabling us to achieve Net Zero. 


The Explorer

 The Explorer is bold and independent, craving newness, excitement and challenge which is the DNA of great innovation. In line with our vision, explorers are driven by striving for a fairer world.