BOSS CONTROLS expands to cover the UK

Vicky Vaughan

BOSS CONTROLS expands to cover the UK

Exciting expansion announcement for BOSS CONTROLS

BOSS CONTROLS is opening a second office in Manchester headed by Brian Heron, previously a director at Aimteq Solutions Limited. Brian brings a wealth of experience in the Building Energy Management Controls sector, serving in Technical and Account Director roles previously. Brian also brings extensive technology solutions knowledge and has led in several agile software development projects for ‘smart grid’ and estate wide ‘asset monitoring’ solutions’.
Leading a number of nationwide Energy Team deliveries such as M&S plan A, Brian has extensive energy sector knowledge to optimise client solutions within industrial, data centres, banking, media and retail sectors. Brian will be responsible for introducing BOSS CONTROLS into the northern regions focusing on developing technical project solutions, smart bureau services and a strong operational project delivery team with several nationwide clients.
BOSS CONTROLS is a fast-growing Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) company based in West Sussex, focusing on enhanced customer experience by utilising the latest remote connectivity and IoT technology. Launched in 2010, directors, Mark Berwick and Rob Wood, both former Trend employees, recognised a gap in effectively maintaining BEMS controls. During the last ten years, BOSS CONTROLS has expanded significantly to a team of 24 providing BEMS solutions across the UK. BOSS CONTROLS works across all market sectors, particularly specialising in health, education and heritage. This expansion is enabling the business to penetrate more deeply into new markets, offer enhanced services and to continue to focus on delivering the latest solutions for our client base and full UK coverage.

Mark Berwick, Managing Director said“We are delighted that Brian is joining our team which is enabling our expansion to Manchester. Brian brings with him a wealth of leadership experience and expertise in energy management and technology. With so much economic doom and gloom amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, I am excited that BOSS CONTROLS is bucking the current trend and is making huge leaps forward in scaling up our business, with huge thanks to our committed team and loyal customers.”
Brian Heron, Regional Director said: “I am really excited and look forward to working with a forward-thinking solutions provider. Working with BOSS CONTROLS will provide an opportunity to develop smarter cost-effective solutions that will benefit many of our future clients. As a very people orientated person, I look forward to working with a very strong team in the goal of achieving a consistent market leading delivery across
the UK.”
For further details contact Mark Berwick, Managing Director, 01403 886508 or email mark@bosscontrols.co.uk.

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