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Welcome to Boss Remote Solutions Centre

Welcome to Boss Remote Solutions Centre

With extensive experience in both service based and project delivery, Boss Controls Ltd has developed numerous core systems and processes to ensure that we can effectively manage our client’s site performance and quality expectations.

These systems are delivered using smart technologies and a tiered escalation model to ensure that any work orders, phone calls, non-compliance issues or estate performance issues are dealt with promptly by our experienced operational team in the goal of achieving a first-time fix. Our escalation process ensures that our senior management team are made aware of significant client events to ensure works can be prioritised as required.

This is further endorsed by regular team development and progress meetings to ensure that any learnings or service refinements can be promptly rectified or improved to ensure we maintain ongoing client satisfaction through the provision of service excellence. To ensure that we maintain service levels, Boss Controls have invested in developing these technologies to ensure that all data communication flows are received and processed in line with our contractual agreements to maintain client satisfaction.

To ensure that we understand our client’s sites we map event escalations over a six service levels to ensure works are prioritised as required. Case management can be managed via the clients Planon software platform to ensure that the client has visibility of progress. Case logs and information will be logged by the Boss Remote Solutions Centre (RSC) for monthly progress meetings and discussions to ensure that longer term issues are managed or resolved.

  • Priority 1: Critical Event
  • Priority 2: High Priority Event
  • Priority 3: Medium Priority Event
  • Priority 4: Low Priority Event
  • Priority 5: Maintenance Issue
  • Priority 6: Event investigation

Energy performance monitoring is provided via a combination of services from nighttime baseline to peak profile exception alarms to ensure that any energy events are raised and acted upon promptly to avoid any client cost implications.

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Boss Remote Solutions follows the principals of International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

The Boss Remote Solutions team applies the the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) principles while ‘measuring’ energy savings. The IPMVP recognises professionals in the energy industry and aims to raise professional standards within the measurement and verification (M&V) field.

Energy savings cannot be directly measured, because savings represent the absence of energy/water consumption or demand. Instead, savings are determined by comparing measured consumption or demand before and after implementation of a program, making suitable adjustments for changes in conditions. The comparison of before and after energy consumption or demand should be made on a consistent basis, using the following general M&V equation:

Savings = (Baseline Period Energy – Reporting Period Energy) ± Adjustments

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