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Ben is very enthusiastic in coming up with new ideas to innovate existing systems to improve efficiency on energy and time as well as increasing performance and accuracy. Ben’s creative mind and ability to listen to clients means he can come up with multiple solutions to resolve any issue. In doing so he is able to not just resolve issues but also improve the way systems works giving back time and money to the customer as well as improving the environment. Before joining Boss Controls, Ben was a trainee commissioning engineer in a small BMS company. Taking advantage of this Ben was able to build on his skills and experience on multiple aspects. Away from work, Ben loves travelling the world and going on spontaneous adventures, exploring different cultures and meeting new people. Ben is also very sporty and competed in America, Canada and Europe in ice hockey, He also competed in synchro skating in Canada. Ben is proud of being a BMS engineer and being a part of great team working for a great company.