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Boss Controls and The Circular Economy

Boss Controls has been researching the Circular Economy to see where it can add value for its clients.

What is the circular economy?

The Circular Economy is a concept dating back to the late 1970s, led by academics, thought-leaders and businesses. The concept aims to educate businesses to rethink their design processes to support a cyclical model just like the natural, living world does; in the natural living world there is no landfill because the food chain enables one creature’s trash to become another creature’s treasure.

In our man-made world, our preference for a linear economy means that man is currently destroying our precious planet. We live in a take, make and dispose society which has resulted in miles of toxic plastic oceans, extinction of some animal species and scarcity of many natural resources.

How does Boss Controls support the Circular Economy?

At Boss Controls, we realise we need to make changes to protect our planet from further damage. You may remember we sponsor Adelié penguins which have declined by 65% due to global warming caused by man. Read more about Adelié penguins

 Over the next few months we will explore the part that Boss can play in the three main elements of promoting a Circular Economy. These are:

  • Designing out waste and pollution
  • Keeping products and materials in use
  • Regenerating natural systems

This month, we will explore where we fit in in designing out waste and pollution.

Internet of Things is a really exciting time for energy efficiency and Boss Controls is embracing it full on. As you know we create smart environments in buildings through superior servicing and maintenance of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) which reduces energy consumption and boosts productivity and improving wellbeing.

We help clients to ‘design-out’ wasted resources – namely energy and pollution – by keeping their HVAC equipment in tip top health. Saving energy naturally improves the bottom line so that you and your suppliers can invest more into R&D to redesign materials that promote the circular economy.

  • We are continually improving our offering by embracing and deploying the Internet of Things
  • We fit the latest smart sensors and connected technologies which provide valuable energy use data
  • Our energy solutions dashboards and engineers ensure HVAC equipment and controls are optimised
  • We spot faulty equipment that may be drawing too much energy – enabling you to make your business more efficient
  • BEMS keeps your environment a consistent temperature and therefore optimises the value of property contents and occupancy comfort
  • Our BEMS control strategies prolong the lifetime value of your HVAC because they ensure less wear and tear on your equipment

Read more about the benefits of BEMS.

What’s next?

The circular economy is a clear value creation opportunity and Boss Controls is excited to be rethinking the linear ‘take, make, dispose’ model. Transition towards the circular economy can bring about the lasting benefits of a more innovative, resilient and productive economy, reducing the negative effects of resource use.

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