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Boss Controls has adopted an Adélie penguin as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.

The Adélie is the smallest and also the most widespread, species of penguin in the Antarctic. The number of Adélie penguins is increasing in Antarctica, however, in areas where climate change is established, Adélie populations have fallen by more than 65% in the past 25 years. The biggest threat to them right now is climate change (other penguins, like gentoos, are better adapted to warmer climates).

As you may know, Boss Controls helps organisations to reduce their energy consumption through Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS). We also promote the Triple Bottom Line across all areas of our business:

  • Planet: We help organisations to reduce their energy consumption by optimising their BMS controls.
  • People: We optimise BMS controls to improve occupant comfort and wellbeing. This helps people to achieve their full potential, leading to increased productivity and smart working; this in turn will improve the economy.
  • Profit: By promoting the Triple Bottom Line, we automatically increase our client’s profit by £000s with the added benefit of payback within months.

We support the World Wildlife Fund and in particular, Adélie penguins.  Please help us to support them.

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