On this day, 45 years ago, the 26th September 1969, the first episode of The Brady Bunch was launched. It featured a widowed architect called Brady, his new love, their children and lots of amusing adventures. We can hear you ask: “So what has The Brady Bunch got to do with HVAC and BMS?”

The Brady Bunch show was based in Los Angeles, however, rumours are that some cities in the south may not have existed without the introduction of air conditioning. Would The Brady Bunch have originated if it wasn’t for air conditioning? There are many stories that verify the migration of people from north to south America once the temperatures were comfortable enough to work in.

Is the love of human comfort killing our planet?

Temperatures in the southern states can be unbearable, especially further inland – and apart from being uncomfortable, humidity can be damaging for some businesses. However, is the comfort of humans is killing the planet? Air conditioning units and refrigerators use HFC gases, which are the most toxic of all the greenhouse gases. These fluoridated gases have increased by 258% in the US since 1990 (source: United States Environmental Protection Agency).

Releases of HFCs do not cause damage at a local level, however greenhouse gases contribute to global warming. Their “global warming potential” is high (100-3000 times compared to carbon dioxide) and HFCs can persist in the environment for up to hundreds of years because of their high stability. HFCs are thought to be mildly toxic and possibly carcinogenic in higher doses, for example in accidental spills. (Source: Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

Boss Controls helps organisations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as well as reduce energy consumption

Our BMS expert engineers optimise your BMS controls to minimise the use of HVAC by increasing deadband widths and installing building occupancy sensors. Our intelligent control strategies ensure that HVAC only works when absolutely needed, reducing wasted energy consumption and greenhouse gases. Upgrading to remote BMS enables our engineers to diagnose any wasted energy and toxic greenhouse gas within minutes, also minimising potential disruption to your business.

Contact Boss Controls on 01403 886508 today to help your business reduce its energy consumption and cut its greenhouse gas emissions. We will not only promote your corporate social responsibility, it will improve your bottom line.

Huge thanks to The Brady Bunch for making this such an interesting blog to write.



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