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Did you know that heating accounts for at least half of a school’s annual fuel use and lighting accounts for 20-25% of the total energy used in schools (The Carbon Trust)?

With the education sector being susceptible to noticeable cuts in funding, savings can help reduce the pressure on the operational costs. The Boss Group has been helping schools, academies, colleges and universities to achieve incredible energy savings.

Sal Mustafa, Energy Solutions Manager at The Boss Group said “Energy costs have a huge impact on expenditure and our solutions ensure that your water, gas and electricity consumption is kept to a minimum while maintaining thermal comfort. We also monitor CO2 levels and other environmental factors such as light levels and humidity to keep learners and teachers alert and in good health.”


Building Performance Optimisation:This highlights area of inefficient operation and determines if any plant can be shut down or operate in low-energy mode, based on occupancy, reducing energy costs and extending the life of your plant.

Energy monitoring solutionsprovide interactive insights including energy benchmarking to target year-on-year savings, performance evaluation of energy saving projects.

Management services and alarming:Strategies are created to alert you of mechanical failure, over usage and unexpected temperatures and humidity, reducing the risk of disruption.

Cloud-based services and remote technical support:Most reported faults can be diagnosed and rectified remotely within the hour. If issues can’t be fixed remotely, previewing the situation greatly enhances efficiency of the callout.

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