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Energy Management and BS EN 15232 audits

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BOSS CONTROLS is pleased to be working in partnership with Inspired Efficiency for Energy Management and BS EN 15232 audits. Please see our portfolio below. Find out more about Inspired Efficiency.


Energy Management and BS EN 15232 audits

BS EN 15232 focuses on how Building Energy Management Systems (BMS) can improve the energy performance of non-domestic buildings through the use of advanced automated control systems and functions.

Boss Controls offers an energy audit service which is based on the BS EN 15232 standard using the Siemens Buildng Technologies BS EN 15232 predictive tool which identifies where significant savings can be made. Following on from this, we will provide a detailed report summarising our findings and actions which can be taken to further optimise the control system and reduce energy, offering a healthy return-on-investment.

Energy based remote support & maintenance

With this service we take a proactive approach focusing on key areas of energy wastage i.e. time zones, set points, deadbands, conflicts between heating and cooling, overridden plant running in hand, poorly designed control strategy.

This service can be offered in conjunction with the BS EN 15232 or as part of separate energy audit that we will carry out. Once this work is complete, we will set up an energy profile for your site which takes into account the findings detailed. We will then report on any out-of-profile exceptions providing targeted energy savings and return on investment, if the figures are available.


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