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Energy managers and consultants

How Boss Controls helps energy managers to achieve their KPIs
How Boss Controls’ BMS experts help Energy Managers and Consultants to exceed their KPIs

We understand that there is more to energy accounting than saving money; energy managers have an ever increasing number of high-level or industry-level KPIs KPIs to meet current climate change legislation and corporate goals continue to be tougher.

Energy Cost Index (ECI)

Boss Controls works with organisations with and without energy managers. We understand that their KPIs will include the Energy Cost Index (ECI) which measures the total energy costs. Boss Controls’ BEMS experts will help you assess where the most energy costs are being spent. Then we will help you reduce that spend in percentages. We have saved our clients £000s by locating leaks and other problems.

Site Energy Use Intensity

Boss Controls will assess the energy usage throughout all your sites. We will help you reduce and manage energy usage by optimising your BMS and in some cases upgrading your BEMS to include a CO2 detector so it can quickly react to the number of people in your building.

Aligning with energy legislation

Boss Controls uses the latest technology and we are fully accredited with Trends and Siemens. Our BEMS experts will optimise your system to report the relevant data.

Auditing with BS EN 15232

Boss Controls has the technology to produce BS EN 15232 audits for your business.




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