Our environmental policy

BOSS CONTROLS is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its business operations and we therefore keep informed on global environmental trends and issues. We recognise that good environmental practice must be an integral and fundamental part of our business practices and it is our aim to comply with current legislation and operate in an environmentally responsible manner. We also share our environmental knowledge and experience with all stakeholders to promote improved environmental performance.

Our environmental commitment

Our energy policy

BOSS CONTROLS recognises the global challenge of climate change We understand that our business has a part to play in moving towards a less carbon intensive energy system.

We are committed to continuously improving the management of our energy consumption and working towards energy-efficient best practice. Our focus centres on cost-effectiveness which reduces our energy costs whilst increasing our competitive advantage. We continually support our clients who use Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) to reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

To achieve our energy-reduction goals, we will adopt the following best practices:

  1. We are currently developing an Energy Improvement program to support our overall business goals. The program will include improved employee engagement, energy efficiency objectives and targets and sustainable energy within our supply chain.
  2. Our new Energy Improvement programme includes the launch of a Safety Health Environment Committee (“SHE Committee”) to continuously monitor and improve the safety, health and environment, in and around BOSS CONTROLS and Boss Energy.
  3. We research and test new technologies to be more environmentally sustainable, for example, we were the first BMS business to try the new Trend netmesh products.
  4. We strive to continuously improve our energy efficiency performance, improve productivity, and therefore reduce our environmental impacts through regular review of our activities.
  5. We actively seek employee ideas and participation in continuous energy improvement.
  6. We integrate energy efficiency business management practices within all aspects of our work
  7. We ensure our employees are aware of and accountable for their actions influencing energy management and we encourage them to be energy efficient within their own homes.
  8. We commit to reduce carbon, energy and water impacts and research new technologies to support low carbon and less water intensive energy systems for BOSS CONTROLS, Boss Energy and its clients’ in the future;
  9. We use electricity and water to service our premises. As well as the obvious financial implications, the use of these also has an impact upon the environment. We will, wherever possible, look to decrease its use of these resources and improve its management of the utilities by the implementation of energy efficiency measures.
  10. We ensure that all products and services purchased are as energy-efficient as possible.
  11. Integrate environmental improvements into our everyday decision making.

We realise our Continuous Energy Improvement program goals and objectives by ensuring that all members of Boss Energy and BOSS CONTROLS embrace this policy.

Signed: Mark Berwick, Managing Director

15th January 2018.

Our waste policy
To assist in the prevention of waste we integrate “Defra’s Waste Hierarchy” into our business practices and encourage our employees to follow this procedure in their own homes.
  • Prevention: Wherever possible, we use the duplex facility on printers / multi functional equipment and we re-use scrap paper for notes. By cutting down on the amount of paper used, we not only have a positive impact upon the environment but we also save on business costs at the same time. We purchase products with less material in design, manufacture and packaging where possible. We keep products for longer where possible.
  • Preparing for Reuse: We clean, repair and refurbish products when possible.
  • Recycling: We think before we bin it! If we can’t avoid creating waste, we endeavour transform waste into a new substance or product by recycling. All equipment and materials should be used wisely and help to reduce wastage wherever possible. All non-confidential waste should be recycled within the bins provided, electrical equipment not in use should be turned off, with heating and lighting used efficiently to prevent wastage. We make recycling part of everyday life in the workplace
  • Recovery: We do not create enough waste to consider anaerobic digestion, incineration with energy recovery.
  • Disposal: Please see our Duty of Care Certificate Registration Number: CBDL92876
Our transport policy
 Transport is a significant – and growing – cause of carbon emissions. Our business is reliant upon travel as part of our service to our clients and we are aware of the impact that all travel has upon the environment from carbon emissions. Our employees are therefore encouraged to:
  • Book several appointments in the same area on the same day
  • Use methods of transport with less environmental impact, minimise wasted journeys by checking attendance with prospective clients
  • Drive their vehicles more efficiently
  • Use local suppliers where possible for stationery and materials
  • BOSS CONTROLS is currently investigating and setting up a WEEE
  • Disposal policy which will be incorporated into our policies and procedures shortly.

A selection of our valued clients who have benefited from reduced energy bills and improved productivity.

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BOSS CONTROLS in the Healthcare Sector

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