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Boss Controls was recently invited to speak at the Sustainable Business Partnership CIC event. In short, our presentation explained why the Building Management Systems (BMS) market is rapidly growing and how the benefits of BMS increase when it is included on the boardroom agenda. Internet of Things (IoT) technology allows for real-time monitoring of how energy is being consumed in an organisation, therefore excessive energy use can be easily pinpointed and quickly acted upon, lowering costs and enhancing comfort.

What are Building Management Systems (BMS)?

BMS is the installation and engineering of control systems within a building to provide system automation.

Did you know hat 74% of building energy can be controlled by BMS? Whether it be Heating, Ventilation, Cooling, Lighting systems or more … (Source: Trend)

Boss Controls is aiming for our client’s HVAC machinery and electrical plant to be connected to an individual/series of BMS controllers, which we then programme with intelligent strategy to ensure it all operates as efficiently and smoothly as possible, with the minimum amount of human interference required.

Why is BMS Growing?

BMS has been around for decades, but is now growing faster than ever thanks to advances in technology which is making everything automated and more convenient. Combine this with the significant cost benefits of energy efficiency and prolonged lifespan of equipment makes the installation of BMS attractive. BMS also enables organisations to measure their energy usage which helps them achieve sustainability goals.

Why is BMS Changing?

IoT is changing the world of BMS and is providing sensor data from things which would never have been measured years ago; measuring human comfort levels unlike ever before, down to humidity, temperature, light and vibration levels of an individual desk. Making changes, monitoring faults, testing equipment, this can all be done centralised in one location.

Benefits of BMS Remote Connectivity

Remote capabilities provide us with the ability to react so much faster to critical site issues. It helps us to identify the particular element of mechanical or electrical plant that has failed enabling us to apply a more focused approach to the schedule, prioritising based on historical alarms generated from the BMS, or simply benefiting from the centralised connectivity to all the plant, which allows them to manipulate systems on their tablets or mobile devices through HTML graphics.

Our remote engineering team can create project streams for clients based on an energy survey directly related to the BMS operation. This will produce a report that grades the efficiency like that of an Energy Performance Certificate, however it also provides the level of control that need to be implemented to increase the efficiency rating.

After gauging the level of efficiency the building holds, we can then look to implement such concepts as Demand led operations, ensuring nothing is running until the designated space’s or sub systems are calling for the demand.

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