The National Human Activity Pattern Survey states that we live more than 90% of our time indoors in strictly controlled temperatures. Unfortunately, research indicates that a constant temperature is unhealthy for us and instead, we would benefit from working in a more variable indoor climate. The contrast between warm and cold temperatures exercises our blood vessels by constricting and expanding them; this reinforces the sauna and plunge pool concept.

How reducing the temperature can improve life for diabetics

In his 2017 paper, Woutervan Marken Lichtenbelt, a Professor of Ecological Energetics and Health, exposed a group of Type 2 diabetics to 15°C for six hours a day for ten days and their insulin increased by 40%. There are a staggering 4.05 million diabetic people in the UK (source: The World Health Organisation) and typical office temperatures range between 18°C and 24°C. Can you imagine the health benefits for the UK if we could persuade organisations to adjust the temperature a few degrees lower?
The Challenge

In a typical workplace the heating should switch off when an agreed temperature has been reached and cooling should not come on until the temperature exceeds the client’s agreed temperature. The gap between these agreed setpoints prevents simultaneous heating and cooling occurring and is referred to as the deadband; when no energy is being used. The key to the ultimate energy saving and healthier employees is the deadband and ‘agreed’ set-points; the wider the deadband, the higher the temperature variance.

BOSS CONTROLS is persuading clients to widen their deadbands so when the temperature is hot outside, the inside temperature is warmer and when it is cold outside, the inside temperature is cooler. This not only reduces energy costs, it is healthier. Our challenge as an organisation, is transforming behaviour so building occupants embrace cooler temperatures rather than complain about being cold. As we all know, changing culture and behaviour starts at the top. The good news is that the above research has shown that when exposed to cooler temperatures, people quickly adapt and end up feeling less tired and have more energy which increases productivity.

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