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Prevent lung disease with optimised BMS

Boss Controls is committed to health and safety (see our Human Focus RSOPA accreditation) and is pleased to learn that Penny Mordaunt, Minister for Disabled People, Work and Health has recently launched the HSE’s Health and Work Strategy which highlights the increase of occupational lung disease through legionella infections and work related asthma.

Boss Controls has the BEMS technology and expertise to help prevent this type of illness at work and we work with hospitals and many markets where the risk may be higher.

Read what the HSE says about Occupational lung disease:

“Contributing substantially to work-related ill health in Great Britain, occupational lung disease continues to lead to an estimated 13 000 deaths each year. It includes a wide range of conditions from those that develop shortly after exposure (eg legionella infections, work-related asthma) to those that develop many years later such as pneumoconiosis, COPD, lung cancer and pleural mesothelioma which are life-limiting and/or life-altering.
It can occur in most industry sectors and is caused by a wide range of agents from biological organisms through to dusts, fumes and vapours, with asbestos and respirable crystalline silica being particularly substantial contributors to the burden of lung disease. Our aim is to work in partnership with employers and the wider health and safety community to reduce the incidence rate and number of new cases of occupationally-related lung disease through improving the control of exposure to causative agents.”
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