Provision of energy audits for two major flour milling and treatment sites
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case study
Provision of audits for two major flour milling and treatment sites

IE provided audits for the company as part of engagement with an energy broker who was trying to win the procurement work with the client – an approach that has proved successful with the broker being asked to tender for the procurement.

IE are competent at delivering energy saving advice into very large energy users with complex and specialist processes.

What we did

A full energy audit of two flour mills were undertaken following a benchmarking exercise on the estate to identify high energy using sites. The audits involved visiting the sites and reviewing the details of the buildings and the production processes including specialist processes such as flour heat treatment.

The total energy costs of these two sites is almost £5m per year. Savings of £250k were identified with a payback of less than 3 years in order to fit in with the businesses conditions.

The solution

It is not every day that one is called into audit highly specialist processes such as large industrial flour mills and heat treatment plants. It was very satisfying to have new challenges to solve in understanding complex and unique processes but by focusing on the basic principles of good energy management and efficiency useful savings were able to be successfully identified to the on-site engineering team”

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