Full controls optimisation and occupant behaviour programme for 14 PFI schools in Aberdeen and Newcastle
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case study
Full controls optimisation and occupant behaviour programme for 14 PFI schools in Aberdeen and Newcastle

IE were called into address the energy issues on the schools which were consuming well above benchmark and resulting in the FM provider, who was subject to energy risk, being exposed to a £60,000 financial penalty each year. Due to Matt’s successful previous involvement with other schools the FM called for help to alleviate the financial burden.

IE understands PFIs and can rapidly deliver very significant financial advantage from PFI payment mechanisms by engaging with the existing management and service providers.

What we did

The project involved reviewing the current situation of the schools. This revealed that there were some financial payment calculations, which were being applied incorrectly. The energy consumption profiles were also reviewed which demonstrated a lack of effective control.

IE undertook detailed visits to each of the school sites. On the first visit, there was a careful review of the plant, equipment, management behaviours and controls. This highlighted that the controls had been poorly commissioned and fully detailed optimisation was undertaken by forensically reviewing all the settings with the controls service engineers, and working together with the FMs and school leadership teams to establish the most optimal set up.

On the second visit IE engaged with the schools to improve their energy behaviour. This included engaging with the pupils and senior staff. Detailed energy audits we also undertaken to advise the FM on a costed investment programme for energy efficiency aligned to the lifecycle investment of the PFI project.

  • 6.6% reduction in electricity
  • 36.5% reduction in gas
  • £10,137.76 reduction in costs over the three months (£40,500 annualised saving)
  • All gas consumption now within PFI contract targets (prior to visits, one was on target, one exceeded by 18% and one exceeded by 42%)
  • Over £40,000 of energy savings and reputational enhancement through bringing the energy consumption back within contractual targets.

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