Investigation in to energy consumption levels. Diagnosis of issues and controls and behaviour advice to lower consumption
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case study

Investigation in to energy consumption levels. Diagnosis of issues and controls and behaviour advice to lower consumption


The client was experiencing high energy bills of over £58,000 a year which were starting to threaten the long term viability of the business.

IE were called in to review the energy usage by the energy broker for the site after the client had expressed concerns over the amount of energy that they were using and the initial checks on the meter accuracy by the meter operator had not identified any issues.

Following an eight week programme of investigation and implementation of recommendations out of hours savings of over 84% were achieved and total annual savings of £35,000.

What we did

The project consisted of an initial review of the site and the installation of logging on the main meter. Following this, more detailed circuit-level monitoring was installed and an out of hours survey conducted. This identified a number of areas where energy was being wasted, especially when the building was not being used. IE worked with the building manager to reset various control elements and provided a simple 8 point check list for end of day shut down and weekly checks, which was implemented without any impact on their operation.

The solution

Savings of 84% in out-of-hours and 38% savings during operational times were achieved. These were verified and monitored by IE to ensure that the new behaviours had been embedded.


Smart energy management, based on a properly detailed investigation can deliver very significant savings that make a real impact on business success without the need for large capital expenditure.

It is often reported that high energy costs are impacting on UK business and initial reports from this business were concerning.

This project demonstrated that it is not always high energy tariffs which are to blame. Instead, a simple, but detailed review of energy efficiency can deliver massive, business changing savings which can improve the overall efficiency to UK businesses.

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