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Planned and preventative maintenance services

PPM for maintaining your BEMS for optimum performance
Boss Controls’ Planned & Preventative Maintenance (PPM) services align with the Carbon Trust’s Principles of Good Building Control.

Every building is different and therefore we offer tailor-made Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) solutions based on your the needs of your business and building occupants.

Boss Controls’ expert engineers reduce your energy consumption by controlling BMS by time, staff presence or conditions. Only systems that are measured can be improved, therefore, the more that is measured, the greater the savings are that can be achieved.

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Our BMS expert engineers ensure that your building is controlled by a combination of time, occupancy and condition:
  • We minimise your building running costs
  • Improve comfort for employees and customers
  • Reduce wasted energy when buildings are empty
  • Pro-long the expectency of your HVAC hardware

“In premises with well-controlled systems, heating bills can be 15-35% lower than in poorly-controlled buildings’ (Carbon Trust 2007).

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