What is the perfect temperature for Christmas shopping?

Vicky Vaughan

The perfect temperature for shopping

So who has started their Christmas shopping?

With less than seven weeks until Christmas, the shopping centres are already beginning to fill with stressed shoppers. How can BOSS CONTROLS help Christmas shoppers to improve their Christmas Shopping experience? And why do so many retailers over-heat their stores when shoppers need cooler temperatures to think clearly? This blog helps readers to understand the perfect temperature for Christmas shopping …

BOSS CONTROLS optimises Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) in a number of shopping centres throughout UK; we guarantee that you’ll love shopping in a shopping mall that we look after.

When we meet new clients in the retail sector, we are often asked: “What is the perfect temperature for shopping?”

Netherlands Institute for Preventive Medicine,1962) recommends that the optimal effective temperatures for department stores are:

  • Morning (store opening time):16-5°C, minimum 14°C (maximum equal to afternoon value)
  • Afternoon (store closing time):19-5°C ± 2-5°C
  • The difference between morning and afternoon values should not exceed 5°C

TUC advice states that the acceptable temperature in shops is 18°C.

BOSS CONTROLS achieves the perfect temperature for the retail sector

By upgrading and optimising Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), BOSS CONTROLS is able to make life better for customers, shop workers and retail shareholders:

Retail shareholders

Creating the perfect store environment increases sales and also reduces energy consumption, improving your bottom line.  A research project revealed that “exposure to physical warmth activates the concept of emotional warmth … when participants were placed in the warmest room, they were willing to pay more for 9 of the 11 products than the other group.” (Source: Zwebner Y,,Lee L, Goldenberg J, 2013). However, don’t be tempted to cook your customers, or they won’t be able to think clearly; their survival instincts will kick in and they will most likely leave your store and spend their heard earned money with your competitor.

Employee wellbeing

Workers must feel comfortable for their well-being and productivity. Studies have shown that workers often feel cooler than shoppers, simply because they are less active, standing serving rather than rushing between shops. How do you keep your employees comfortable – comfy employees keep your customers happy.

Customer comfort

Choosing the right Christmas gift or trying on a potential new Christmas party outfit can be a stressful experience; BOSS CONTROLS’ helps to create the perfect shopping temperature for consumer decision making and comfort so they want to keep shopping in your store.

What is Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)?

  • We install CO2 detectors to measure the number of customers in store so your HVAC can be adjusted for maximum comfort while minimising energy loss.
  • We install localised and customised temperature control in our clients’ premises for tailored comfort, for example the changing rooms should be warmer to people aren’t too cold to change into your retail offering.
  • We upgrade BEMS systems to include individual set-point adjusters which allow occupants to vary the degree of temperature control, once again for the comfort of both customers and employees.
  • We promote Planned and Preventative Maintenance (PPM) which reduces the risk of downtime to your business
  • Our Cloud-based and Remote Support services mean that we can maintain your BEMS remotely – saving you the cost of an engineer on site.

Please contact BOSS CONTROLS for further information.

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