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Ben Brooker is one of our Senior Engineers and an expert in all things BMS. He has been working at Boss Controls for 8 years. Ben has been increasingly excited about Tridium N4 and IQ®VISION so we asked him to explain his fascination. Ben explained that there are five excellent benefits for the FM sector …

  1. To date we have worked with Trend 963 and although it has been excellent and served the industry well over the last 20 years, it is soon to be discontinued. 
  2. Secondly, 963 is java based which means it doesn’t work well on iPhones or iPads,whereas IQ®VISION is HTML5 based which means it works on most platforms. 
  3. Secondly, Tridium N4 and IQ®VISION enables us to seamlessly control energy efficiency and occupancy comfort in buildings which use a mix of BEMS controls including Siemens, Distech, Schneider and more. The solution connects all systems and brings them seamlessly back to one neat graphic. In other words you don’t have to have multiple head ends, instead you have absolute control with just one computer even if each building has a different system.
  4. Working with Tridium N4 and IQ®VISION also enables us to take advantage of Internet of Things (IoT) more seamlessly which means we can tailor more bespoke solutions for our clients. For example, we can integrate Dali protocol which allows BMS to enable or disable light systems. We can also work with En Ocean wireless sensors.
  5. Also because most of the software controls are now designed in head end, IQ®VISION sends signals out to field devices so the controllers’ only job is to turn plant on and off, extending the life of controllers.

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