Why BOSS CONTROLS is a great place to work

Vicky Vaughan

Why BOSS CONTROLS is a Great Place to work - information for job candidates

What it’s like to work at BOSS CONTROLS

Seeing as we are on a recruitment drive, I thought it would be a good time to share my experience of working at BOSS CONTROLS. I hope the following helps you to understand what it is like to work here, especially if you are applying for one of our live vacancies: Customer Service Administrator or Engineer for Remote Solutions Centre (RSC).

I joined BOSS CONTROLS as Marketing Manager in 2016, when there were only eight of us. Six years later, there are nearly 30 of us and I know Boss plans to keep growing, so there are heaps of career opportunities. As the Boss team has expanded, so have the offices, and we are now in our third premises, having recently signed a three-year lease—and also have a northern office in Manchester–so we are here to stay.

Despite trebling in size, Boss still has a huge heart, which many businesses tend to lose as they grow. As a marketer, I couldn’t resist creating an acronym from the word HEART, to help structure my experience, so here goes …

  • H = Heart
  • E = Exciting
  • A = Ambitious
  • R = Responsible
  • T = Trust

H = Heart

Boss has a big heart for many reasons, here are three:

Mark, our MD,  is soon to be giving up his office and moving back into the main office with the team. Mark’s office is then transforming into a bookable meeting room, as suggested by employees. Now that’s taking ‘open-door policy’ to the next level. My heart is already fluttering!

It’s my job to gather and collate the content for Boss Bulletin, our quarterly internal newsletter. Recently, we included a ‘Getting to know you’ page, and we met the team’s pets, which was fun. Once again, this idea was proposed by one of our team, and very popular. So the Boss Bulletin is becoming the heart of our internal communications (one of our values)– there are lots more exciting ideas in the pipeline.

What I love about BOSS CONTROLS is, that although we are evolving as we grow, we are not becoming ‘too corporate’. I always feel passion disappears when a business becomes too corporate. We have, so far, retained the ‘sweet essence’ of our youth. And the team is friendly and welcoming.

E = Exciting

Our slogan, “Together, we breathe life into your building” excites me in itself! I know I sound like a marketer, but, we truly create shared value, in other words, Boss is the Olympic Gold multitasker because: we are expertly utilising technology to help save our beautiful planet, reduce rising energy bills for our partners, at the same time protecting their heating and ventilation equipment and improving the comfort and wellbeing of people. In other words, we are helping our clients balance (another of our values) all their challenges. You can read about the other benefits of BMS controls in our blog.

I also enjoy learning about the sectors we serve: we work with all sectors from healthcare, to heritage sites to education. Then there’s the technology which is always changing, including LoRa (Long Range) technology: LoRa sensors can be placed miles away from receivers, detecting people and environmental conditions from miles away, with infinite exciting possibilities (My top tip: research LoRa and impress your interview panel). OK, I admit, I’ve become a BMS Controls nerd – you will hopefully become one too, if not already.

A = Ambitious

The directors are ambitious for business growth through exceptional customer service, and they expect their team to be equally ambitious. If you have the right mindset and live the Boss Values, then you will positively glow and grow in the company. This is really important. I am passionate about the whole team living the values, so we can keep our hearts beating strongly, both physically and metaphorically.

R = Responsible

Although the bosses at Boss are ambitious, they are responsible. Firstly, they are growing sustainably and not over flexing their business muscles before they are ready. Even during the pandemic, compared to many other businesses, BOSS CONTROLS bucked the trend, and grew, responsibly. BOSS CONTROLS respects and is responsible to its people – that includes employees, suppliers, and customers. Boss continually improves and trains our team to exceed customer service levels, and we have an impressive suite of accreditations which make us stand out in the marketplace. In other words, BOSS CONTROLS is always learning new things to be innovative. You’ve guessed it, ‘We Learn’ is another of our five values. Finally, as I am passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility, I am thrilled that we are on track to achieving our vision, which is: ‘We will make a notable difference in reducing energy consumption, and improving well-being and productivity of our clients”. 

T = Trust

Finally, what I enjoy more than anything about working with Boss, is that the directors trust us, and therefore empower (another of our values) us to get on with our jobs, as long as we keep delivering good results. They respect (another value) that we may work differently, but we are all aiming for the same goals. I’ve not experienced any micromanagement during my time here. On the flip side, if I need support to enable me to achieve goals, I trust that I find it quickly and easily. As you have learned, the directors have an open door policy and I can mostly get hold of one of them when required.

I hope the above has given you a flavour of what it’s like to work here. I feel immensely proud to be working with BOSS CONTROLS with its huge heart. Furthermore, I’m happy because the company ethos aligns with my values, and I feel genuinely excited that we are doing so many good things. So even when it’s really busy, or I face challenges, knowing I’m on the same mission as the bosses, keeps me going!

You will be pleased to know that there are not too many acronyms to learn – mainly BMS (Building Management Systems) or BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems).

If you are reading this before applying for any of our live vacancies, please take time to read our blogs and our values to get a feel for our culture. Good luck with your application, and we look forward to meeting you soon. 

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