How BOSS CONTROLS is supporting World Mental Health Day #WMHD

Vicky Vaughan

World Mental Health Day #WMHD
We have previously reported on how office temperature affects productivity levels. In preparation for World Mental Health Day #WMHD, we have been busy researching the effects of temperature on mental health.

The effects of office temperature on mental health
How many of you have worked in an office where half the office is freezing and you are masking a hot sweat or vice versa?  In a report published by Savills and The British Council for Offices, 48% of respondents stated that they believe the office positively impacts on their mental health, with the temperature being the most important factor in their well-being. Not being able to control elements in your place of work, including temperature is a major contributor to stress levels.
This is why BOSS CONTROLS is seeing an increase in demand for delivering localised and customised temperature control in our clients’ offices. We have been busy upgrading BMS systems to include individual set-point adjusters which allow occupants to vary the degree of temperature control. Please contact BOSS CONTROLS for further information.
How climate change is affecting mental health

Most of us understand the effect of climate change on Planet Earth, but not so commonly known is its effect on human physical and mental health. A report by the Journal of Internal Medicine states that increasing ambient temperatures are likely to increase rates of mental and physical health conditions.

In hotter climates, there has been a significant increase in the rates of suicides; violent suicides are more common with the recent increase in temperatures. With global warming, it is possible that the rates of aggression may increase over time. When people get uncomfortably hot, the probability of violence, irritability and physical aggression increase. People who have experienced extreme weather disasters caused by climate change often developing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We all know that businesses have a responsibility to provide a healthy working environment as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility – the challenge is, how do you maintain a healthy temperature when the outside temperature varies so much?

BMS is flexible and allows facilities and estates manage the environment more easily, however, you may remember in a previous blog that we advised that continually flexing the temperature is causing more harm than good for human health. The optimum temperature for productive working and well-being is 21 degrees Celsius.

To ensure your staff are healthy, mentally and physically, contact BOSS CONTROLS today on 01403 886508 to ensure your BMS systems are fully optimised.

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