Unlocking the Power of Remote Solutions: Revolutionising remote management of your Building Management System (BMS)​

Experience the true potential of our Remote Solutions Centre (RSC). In addition to offering comprehensive services like remote fault diagnosis and alarm handling, our highly skilled RSC team can completely transform how you manage your Building Management System (BMS) remotely.

By harnessing the wealth of data and leveraging the true potential of IoT and analytics, we stimulate fresh perspectives on your environment and unlock its untapped potential. Our RSC team is extensively trained to ensure that your business space is perfectly equipped for the future.

Discover the power of our Remote Solutions Centre (RSC) and revolutionise your BMS management today.

Imagine the possibilities when you seamlessly integrate weather data into your BMS operations.
Syncing BMS with college timetables via API to cut energy waste and maintain student comfort.
Connecting BMS with hotel booking systems through API for automated scheduling, saving time and enhancing guest comfort.
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Built on an annually updated model with 16+ years of experience in care calculations<br />

Streamlining Site Monitoring with BOSS AUTOMATED NIAGARA ENGINE (BANE): Real-Time Updates and User-Friendly Dashboards

Our Technical Innovations team has developed BOSS Automated Niagara Engine (BANE), a cutting-edge system that consolidates real-time status updates from all site areas into a user-friendly dashboard. BANE quickly sifts through supervisor data and sends email alerts when conditions deviate from pre-established ranges. How is this different from before? Our concise dashboards eliminate the need for users to navigate multiple graphics pages, providing readily accessible data.

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Revolutionising Building Management Systems with LoRaWAN Integration and Advanced Analytics

BOSS CONTROLS has revolutionised building management systems by seamlessly integrating LoRaWAN technology with BMS and advanced analytics. Through the ingenious combination of long-range connectivity and intelligent analytics, BOSS CONTROLS presents a comprehensive solution for enhanced and optimised building control. This innovative approach significantly minimises the requirement for extensive cabling, leading to substantial cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and decreased dependency on labour-intensive processes.

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Leveraging IoT for Seamless Connectivity and Enhanced Operational Efficiency in Remote Solutions

Leveraging IoT for Seamless Connectivity and Enhanced Operational Efficiency in Remote Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables the remote control, automation and monitoring of critical building systems, helping you to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and sustainability. Predictive maintenance enable you to streamline processes and optimise resource utilisation. For example, IoT-enabled sensors can monitor occupancy levels within buildings, automatically adjusting lighting and HVAC systems to conserve energy when areas are unoccupied. By remotely managing systems, BOSS CONTROLS empowers you to achieve substantial cost savings while reducing your environmental impact.

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Strengthening Our Remote Solutions Through Strategic Partnerships

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The world of Building Management Systems (BMS) is being revolutionised by the integration of LoRaWAN technology and advanced analytics. BOSS CONTROLS, a leading provider in the field, has successfully combined these powerful tools to create an innovative solution (BANE) that allows for seamless, intelligent control of buildings.

LoRaWAN, or Long Range Wide Area Network, is a wireless communication technology that provides long-range and low-power connectivity for IoT devices. Its ability to connect devices over large distances makes it perfect for building management systems, where sensors and devices need to communicate across expansive spaces.

It is the advanced analytics capabilities of our RSC team that truly sets BOSS CONTROLS apart. By harnessing machine learning algorithms, BANE analyses the data collected from the various sensors and devices to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies.

BANE can provide insights into energy usage, HVAC performance, occupancy patterns, and more. With this information, building managers can optimise energy consumption, reduce costs, and enhance occupant comfort. The system can even predict maintenance needs and alert personnel in advance, preventing potential equipment failures.

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APIs offer a flexible approach to integration because they can connect systems using different technologies or programming languages. This allows businesses to choose the best API solution that aligns with their existing infrastructure.

Real-time Updates

APIs enable real-time data exchange between systems, ensuring instant updates on availability, bookings, and other relevant information
This eliminates delays or discrepancies and enhances operational efficiency.

Security and Scalability

APIs provide secure communication channels between systems, ensuring data integrity and protecting sensitive customer information
They also enable scalability, allowing businesses to expand their operations without disrupting existing integrations.

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