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Distech Authorised Systems Integrator

Distech Authorised Systems Integrator

Distech expands our smart building offering and BMS controls technical capability by providing a comprehensive range of products using Wi-Fi connectivity. Distech uses open Internet Protocol (IP) which makes it so powerful in connecting different systems.  Apart from reducing energy consumption and occupancy comfort, IoT enables your buildings to be a lot smarter and work harder for you.

What does connectivity really mean, though? One example is that sensors can send information to operational systems, e.g. meeting room booking. Apart from the above, Distech, in combination with our other products and expert BMS controls engineers also:

  • Create intelligent and connected buildings with optimised controls for ventilation, temperature, humidity and lighting
  • Ensure maximum comfort and reliability
  • Improve occupancy comfort and productivity
  • Smart technology enables 30% energy savings, even across multiple sites
  • Smart technology enables your business to remain agile by embracing our changing environment and new ways of working

Read our Distech blog for further information. Our BMS engineers are qualified to connect controls for the whole environment, and we do this through all our partners, Trend, Siemens, Forest Rock and Distech on a regular basis.

For further information about smart buildings and how we work with our partners, Distech, Trend, Siemens and Forest Rock to help you achieve your vision and mission, please call us on 01403 886508 today or use the contact form below to arrange an informal chat. 

Boss Controls works in the following sectors

Education sector

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Museums and heritage

Protecting and futureproofing heritage buildings and valuable artifacts. Read more >


Theatres, casinos, leisure centres … Keep customers comfy and loyal.  Read more >

Retail / shopping malls

Energy reduction in shopping malls and retail. Keeping shoppers comfortable. Read more >

Clean rooms, manufacturing, industrial

Energy reduction in clean rooms, manufacturing, industrial. Read more >

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