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Energy Performance Contract (EPCs)

Energy Performance Contracts (EPC)

Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) are an opportunity for businesses to retrofit existing buildings with energy saving solutions and measures which improve overall energy performance guaranteeing substantial economic and carbon savings. We help organisations improve their Energy Performance through utilising a combination of EPC software and by reviewing BMS/BEMS control strategies enabling Boss to optimise all aspects of your buildings automation.

Energy Performance is a continuous target that once is met, will continue to generate savings throughout the operation of the plants life cycle year after year. Any percentage that is achieved over this is a financial bonus that may also assist your bottom line or carbon reduction plans. This managed delivery covers numerous site assets from a controls’ perspective, throughout to more efficient plant/equipment selection. i.e. LED lamps, efficient mechanical asset upgrades (as applicable).

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With these performance contracts having a ‘guaranteed’ saving target, you have the safety of knowing that you will not pay unless the target is achieved.

Footprint reduction

Modifying your energy usage provides many benefits. These include achieving financial savings and peace of mind in knowing that you are reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint which propels you closer to achieving the 2050 net-zero carbon rating. 

Did you know?

The Model Energy Performance Contract was produced under Article 18 of the Energy Efficiency Directive? The objective was to  assist public sector organisations to reduce their carbon emissions during retrofit projects. Why not make the most of it?

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