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Vision, mission & values

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Our mission:  

We are innovators in creating smart organisations through effective building energy management and promoting Triple Bottom Line.

  • Planet: We take a holistic approach to reducing energy consumption and protecting our planet in general.
  • People: We optimise BMS controls to improve occupant comfort and wellbeing. This helps people to achieve their full potential, leading to increased productivity and smart working; this in turn will improve the economy.
  • Profit: By promoting the Triple Bottom Line, we automatically increase our client’s profit by £000s with the added benefit of payback within months.


Our vision:

We will have made a notable difference in reducing energy consumption, improving well-being and productivity throughout the UK.


Our values:

  • We listen: We listen to our customers
  • We communicate: We are ambassadors of transparency and explain things to our customers so they understand what we are doing
  • We learn: We continually update and improve our technical, industry and energy knowledge
  • We empower: We help our clients to understand how BMS can grow their businesses and reduce energy consumption


 Our chosen charity:

We support the World Wildlife Fund and in particular, Adeli penguins, which have suffered a 65% decline in the last 25 years due to a 40% decrease in Sea Ice which is directly linked to climate change.  Please help us to support them.

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