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Vision, mission & values

Our vision

We will make a notable difference in reducing energy consumption, improving well-being and productivity for our clients.

Our mission

We are innovators and create smart and efficient technical solutions for the built environment .

Our values

Our values were co-created by our whole team and we incorporate them in to everything we do.

We respect

Respect builds feelings of trust and enables our colleagues and clients to feel valued. We respect differences in one another and seek opportunities to walk in another’s shoes. We avoid prejudgment before giving people the time to talk.

We communicate

People often forget that listening is a key communication skill. Through careful listening, we understand and achieve our goals. We ensure that our whole team are effectively communicating and are truly customer-focused.

We empower

Boss Controls’ empowers colleagues and clients to make informed decisions resulting in  positive impact. We create fair and achievable benchmarks, measurements and targets which pushes people in the right direction, while feeling in control.

We balance

Balance is key for our journey to achieve Net Zero, which is the balance of greenhouse gas produced vs the amount removed from the atmosphere. Couple this with enabling our team to balance operational, economic and environmental KPIs.

We learn

In order to achieve our accreditations, we continuously invest in the development of team and clients to optimise the buildings in which we work. We are always looking for opportunities to improve.

Triple Bottom Line

We promote Triple Bottom Line, and we understand that protecting our planet and our people, will automatically protect our profit.


We take a holistic approach to reducing carbon emissions through effective energy management and protecting our planet in general.


We optimise BMS controls to improve occupant comfort and wellbeing. This helps people to achieve their full potential, leading to increased productivity and smart working; this in turn will improve the economy.


By promoting the Triple Bottom Line, and looking after the planet and people, we automatically increase our client’s profit by £000s with the added benefit of payback within months.

Our chosen charity

We support the World Wildlife Fund and in particular, Adeli penguins, which have suffered a 65% decline in the last 25 years due to a 40% decrease in Sea Ice which is directly linked to climate change. Please help us to support them.

Boss Controls works in the following sectors

Education sector

We optimise the environment for wellbeing and comfort in schools, colleges and universities.  Read more >


Helping the NHS and private sector to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce costs. Read more >

Museums and heritage

Protecting and futureproofing heritage buildings and valuable artifacts. Read more >

Entertainment & hospitality

Theatres, casinos, hotels, leisure centres ... Keep customers comfy and loyal.  Read more >

Retail / shopping malls

Energy reduction in shopping malls and retail. Keeping shoppers comfortable. Read more >

Manufacturing and industrial

We help manufacturing, warehouse and industrial businesses reduce energy while protecting assets Read more >

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