Smart lighting control

Smart lighting control

At BOSS CONTROLS we believe in optimising your entire environment, to manage not just energy but your occupant’s wellbeing. Through the implementation of smart lighting control your building can be optimised to manage: –

  1. Natural daylight harvesting
  2. Smart dimming control to match optimum lux level.
  3. Zone controlled lighting.
  4. Product enhancing scene control
  5. Automated emergency lighting testing.
  6. External lighting controlled based on astronomical clock

Implementing BOSS CONTROLS Smart Lighting controls reduces economic and compliance risks by ensuring that mandatory tests are regularly carried out on a real-time basis negating the need for labour cost or human error. 

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Smart lighting controls provide the following benefits:

  • Simplified cost-effective solution
  • Future proofed technology
  • Smarter alarm strategy for early failure warning
  • Global command feature provides nationwide parameter change at the click of a button.
  • Open protocol solution
  • Scalable for all site types

Added Value

Smart lighting provides your business with the following added value:

  • Flexible reporting
  • Able to monitor real-time energy usage
  • Multi-user level via web access (provides log of events)
  • Easy to connect back to third party system.
  • Smart lamp hours run to gauge product lifetime


BS5266 Compliance

Smart lighting simplifies your mandatory reporting:

  • Simple automatic emergency lighting test
  • System alarming to monitor performance
  • Real-time reporting
  • Smart test regime to test live system in a phased manner
  • Compliance produced report as a record as tests

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