BMS Controls in Leisure Centres

BOSS CONTROLS is enabling approximately 200 privately owned and public leisure centres across the UK to reduce their energy bills.

Our leisure centre clients and us share three main common goals:

  1. Reducing energy costs
  2. Improving community health and well-being
  3. Reducing energy consumption

Leisure centres vary greatly in terms of building fabric, age, character, and challenges. However, most of them contain the following common spaces, which together contribute to the second-highest business costs, after staffing costs (Source: Sport England).

  1. Swimming pools: BMS controls manage pool water and air temperature, changing room temperature, boiler plant, and pumps.
  2. Gyms, personal training rooms, and sports halls: BMS controls provide enhanced air circulation to reduce air pollutants, ensuring clean air and healthy customers.
  3. Reception rooms and cafés: BMS controls provide the perfect temperature and environment for customers to relax and dine in after their training.

BOSS CONTROLS provides data-driven strategies, enabling your organisation to follow Sport England‘s recommended Sustainability Framework during the initial strategy phase. Our objective is to help you leverage energy seamless technology from day one, reducing energy spending and assisting carbon reporting. Contact us for further information.

Sustainability strategy

  • BOSS CONTROLS enables leisure facilities managers to identify key issues from essential data, which in turn helps you make informed decisions regarding energy-saving objectives.
  • We do this by determining the characteristics of your leisure business, including building fabric, and occupancy. Once we have this information, we can plan heating, lighting, ventilation, and operations.

Facility Framework

  • Reducing energy consumption is the first measure to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs.
  • This can be achieved through behaviour change, eliminating energy waste, and optimising BMS control systems more effectively. 

Enhanced design

  • Designing the BMS controls is essential.
  • BOSS CONTROLS will help harness your site’s natural resources, utilising natural lighting and ventilation where possible, using solar gains and shading.
  • We will maximise your building fabric and glazing, reducing demand on your HVAC plant, further reducing costs.

Optimising BMS controls in leisure centres

  • Once BMS controls are in place, seamless connectivity ensures that BMS controls and sensors communicate with your heat pumps, HVAC, and renewable solutions including photovoltaics, solar heating, ground, and air source heat pumps, and hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Connecting your leisure centre to Boss Remote Solutions Centre means we can detect any problems or abnormalities, reducing the risk of energy wastage and business downtime.

Meeting your customers' sustainability and energy KPIs

  • Our BMS/BEMS controls engineers are trained to the highest level in Trend, Siemens, Distech and Tridium, and can re-engineer any situation, to reduce energy wastage.
  • Our Remote Solutions Centre enables us to detect wasted energy usage remotely, allowing you time to rectify this situation, saving your reputation and economic impact.
  • Our energy dashboards provide the ability to baseline and benchmark your buildings’ performance all year round.

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