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Boss Controls in residential apartments and homes

Boss Controls working in residential apartments and homes

Boss Controls design, install, manage and maintain Building Energy Management System (BMS/BEMS controls to control lighting, temperature and humidity in a number of apartment blocks for private developers across the UK.

We are partners and experts in Trend, Siemens, Distech, Tridium, Niagara, Forest Rock, Sauter and Dali2 and we will use the best technology combination to suit the character of your estate and business. Our simple front end dashboards enable your estates team to be in control 24-7, either remotely or on site from the convenience of a smart phone, table or computer. Each room will also have a manual override function in order to override the system in each room where necessary.

We can offer site-wide upgrades rather than replace the entire system, saving your business money.

Convenience and time savings

Our BMS/BEMS controls systems have reduced historically complex jobs down to simple tasks through smart BMS alarming rules. If you manage a multi-tenanted estate, a central PC can collate and prioritise alarm events effectively allowing property managers to deploy maintenance staff in an efficient manner.

Occupancy comfort

We ensure that your tenants and staff enjoy comfort without compromising on energy efficiency. We do this by utilising the latest technology including occupancy sensors which can detect the number of people in each area. Our BMS controls systems optimises the environment to ensure optimum comfort for your tenants.

Scalable and future-proofed

With technology forever evolving, our smart BEMS controls systems are designed to be scalable, so you don’t have to keep upgrading a whole system. Our protocols are open allowing multiple systems to talk on one platform so your business can always be in one step ahead in reducing energy and costs.

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