BOSS CONTROLS in Facilities Management

BOSS CONTROLS works with some the UK's leading Facilities Management (FM) businesses, providing peace-of-mind.

BOSS CONTROLS partners with facilities management (FM) businesses across the UK, adding value and peace-of-mind to your team and clients.

We are experts in Trend, Siemens, Distech, Tridium, Niagara, Forest Rock, Sauter and Dali2, working with BMS/BEMS and lighting products using smart dashboards to offer a holistic view of your building’s health.

If this service sounds of interest and you would like to discuss further please contact sales@bosscontrols.co.uk


Peace of mind

  • .Our BMS/BEMS experts are trained to the highest standards in controls systems.
  • We enable FM businesses to maintain and reduce fixed costs for their clients.
  • We offer a pro-active solutions by reducing energy consumption and occupancy comfort opportunities through remote connectivity.
  • We aim to maintain a safe working environment for the wellbeing of your clients’ employees throughout the pandemic.
  • All our staff are trained and audited in current health and safety standards

Buildings with variable occupancy

  • We will monitor air conditioning filters to maintain a clean environment
  • We enable you to maintain optimal humidity as evidence suggests viruses may survive better in low-humidity environments (source: Science Daily)
  • We maintain regular checks on: electrical systems (including lighting, HVAC, security, server rooms)

Regular communications

  • BOSS CONTROLS excels in communications and will work proactively with your partners and subcontractors to exceed customer service, ensuring relevant levels are maintained eliminating risks caused by staff shortages; building occupation levels
  • BOSS CONTROLS critical alarms can be set up as daily/weekly/monthly checklists to ensure the highest monitoring and testing activities across your portfolio of properties

Cyber security during New Ways of Working

  • We will check and scan and quarantine unknown IoT devices that may be connected to your network/systems
  • We will ensure that any IoT devices are secured behind a firewall/DMZ with appropriate network segmentation deployed
  • We will manage the security of your devices and user accounts
  • We will offer secure access to your BMS/BEMS via a corporate network VPN ensuring that staff and third party contractors can work from home in a secure manner.

Preparing properties for re-use

  • We can provide a support service to bring existing control system back into full control by reconfiguring the BMS/BEMS controls to meet your needs.
  • Reconfigure all set-points to meet appropriate occupancy levels or comfort policies
  • Interact with maintenance, service and test providers to ensure appropriate provision levels can be accommodated

Meeting your customers' sustainability and energy KPIs

  • Our BMS/BEMS controls engineers are trained to the highest level in Trend, Siemens, Sauter, Schneider, Distech, Tridium and can re-engineer any situation, to reduce energy wastage
  • Our Remote Solutions Centre is open 24-7 meaning we can detect wasted energy usage remotely, allowing you time to rectify this situation, saving your reputation and economic impact
  • Our energy dashboards provide the ability to baseline and benchmark your buildings’ performance all year round

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