BOSS CONTROLS in the Heritage and Museums sectors

Protecting our history

We optimise the BEMS/BMS in heritage buildings in a number of sectors including museums, galleries, churches, tourism, education, government and residential. Each sector has its own challenges including reducing energy, costs and visitor comfort.

BOSS CONTROLS helps to protect our history by utilising technology to be sympathetic to the building design and listed requirements. Many heritage buildings present energy management challenges because the fabric of the building wasn’t designed to be energy efficient, for example, single glazed windows and poor seals mean that energy leaks, contributing to global warming.

BOSS CONTROLS understands the challenges of each sector and each building type, meaning your estate is in safe hands. Below are the main areas that BOSS CONTROLS’ overcomes when managing energy, costs and occupancy comfort in heritage buildings.

“The Carbon Trust predicts that well over half our existing buildings will still be standing by 2050, the same year the UK is legally obliged to have cut its CO2 emission by 80%.”

Carbon Trust Logo - BOSS CONTROLS Ltd is a Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) company.

(Source: The Carbon Trust)

Protecting building fabric

Most of the heritage buildings we work in are listed and we are familiar with the challenges this presents. We utilise technology including wireless sensors to avoid damaging architecture or disturb identified asbestos on site. Our smart control strategies ensure that your building remains within the correct temperatures and humidity parameters as required.

Scaleable and future-proofed

We understand that buildings differ and therefore we recommend bespoke solutions to meet customer requirements. Our BMS/BEMS controls engineers are trained to the highest level enabling them to recommend scalable solutions to account for system expansion or temporary installations.

Protect artefacts

We will optimise your building to meet the desired stable temperature and humidity. We work with the Royal Academy with art collections worth £millions where it’s essential to keep the humidity constant. Remote connectivity to site via secure networks, ensures that potential problems are flagged immediately, wherever you are. 

Front end benefits

In more complex buildings your estates team require a front-end user interface, to assist in managing KPIs. BOSS CONTROLS can provide secure remote access to monitor your site and make the necessary changes at the touch of a button. Any alarm events will be clearly highlighted via, the user interface, email or mobile phone, reducing the risk of environmental damage to any artefacts.

Convenience and time savings

Our BMS/BEMS controls systems have reduced some historically complex jobs down to simple tasks through smart BMS alarming rules. If you manage a multi-site estate, a central PC can collate and prioritise alarm events effectively allowing managers to deploy maintenance staff in an efficient manner.

Occupancy comfort

We ensure that your customers and staff enjoy comfort without compromising on energy efficiency. We do this by utilising the latest technology including occupancy sensors which can detect the number of people. Our BMS/BEMS controls systems optimises the environment to ensure optimum comfort.

Save money

Retrofitting BMS over complete replacement may save you money. By retrofitting BMS/BEMS controllers into existing panels provides the benefit of lesser downtime with the added value of smarter more energy efficient software. Most issues can be monitored and fixed remotely, reducing the cost of callouts. 

Everything connected

We ensure that everything is connected and communicating enabling you to make informed decisions over a stable and reliable network. We can provide smart network monitoring to ensure that devices are visible at all times.

Occupancy comfort

In terms of technology and human communication. Our BMS systems guarantee maximum operational reliability whilst providing the flexibility to account for human factors such as wind chill or solar gain. 

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