Cloud-based and remote support

Cloud-based and Remote Support

Cloud-based and Remote Support of Building Management Systems (BMS/BEMS) allows most problems to be quickly resolved within an hour or so rather than waiting for a costly traditional call-out.

BOSS CONTROLS Cloud-based and Remote Support Building Management Systems (BMS/BEMS) allow Facilities Managers (FM) and Estate Managers with unique passwords, to monitor their buildings without the need to call an engineer. All with piece of mind that Boss technical support team can be on hand to assist as required.

Tailored secure access for personnel within your business require different information to achieve their objectives in an efficient manner. For example, your Energy Manager may need to compare energy usage across all your sites and the Facilities Engineer may want to evaluate BMS/BEMS operational alarms.

Setting-up of our Cloud-based and Remote Support Building Management Systems (BMS/BEMS) is very simple. Connection options are 3G, 4G or via a secure Open VPN. Once everything is set up, we can connect quickly diagnose the cause of any problems.

In summary, our Cloud-based and Remote Support Building Management Services (BMS/BEMS) will reduce maintenance costs and wasted effort, so your managers can focus on achieving their objectives.

We offer bespoke solutions, based on the site requirements. If this service sounds of interest and you would like to discuss further please contact us.

We are experts in Trend, Siemens, Distech, Tridium, Niagara, Forest Rock, Sauter and Dali2,  working with BMS/BEMS and lighting control products monitored via smart dashboards offering a holistic view of your building’s health.


  • Typically 60-70% of reported faults can be diagnosed and rectified remotely often within the hour
  • Wasted site visits can be avoided by diagnosing the fault remotely, sourcing the correct parts for a first time fix.

Continuous monitoring

We continuously monitor your building to ensure 24-7 occupancy comfort remains with your comfort policy requirements. This has been proven to increase employee productivity and customer sales


We can easily spot declining performance in your equipment and will take the necessary steps to fix potential problems before they occur, preventing loss of business.

Continuous cost reduction

  • The cost of remote fix is typically less than 50% of a site visit which significantly reduces your maintenance costs
  • We can continually baseline and improve your energy costs comparing your energy performance across all sites.


Boss Remote Solutions Centre enables your business to have a view of your entire business at your fingertips via a secure connection – whether your business is local, national or international giving you peace-of-mind.

Critical alarms covered

An Operations Director might want to see which sites are generating the most environmental alarms and complaints. The Energy Manager may want to compare energy usage across all sites to identify the biggest energy consumers.

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