BOSS CONTROLS in the Healthcare Sector

Energy efficiency and environmental management in hospitals, surgeries and health centres

BOSS CONTROLS has been working with the NHS and private healthcare sector for ten years and is fully committed to helping improve the patient environment. We provide independent professional support for NHS senior estates and facilities officers to ensure compliance with all current standards, policies and best practice whilst managing energy efficiency and costs (documentation detailed below).

Working with many hospitals throughout the UK, we optimise BMS controls to create the perfect environment to maximise health and healing.  We help our healthcare sector clients reduce costs by prolonging the lifespan of their plant, and we take advantage of natural ventilation where possible. Our Boss Remote Solutions Centre provides further training and for your on-site technical staff to promote a first-time fix policy.


We shall program BMS/BEMS control systems to ensure that the patient environment remains safe and compliant throughout normal operation. Furthermore, our control system expertise ensures that the BMS/BEMS interacts in line with your Cause and Effect’ schedules to ensure safe management of significant incidents onsite. 


BOSS CONTROLS enables effectiveness through our continual improvement philosophy. Our BMS controls engineers are highly trained in technical skills and customer service. We optimise BMS/BEMS systems to control temperature, lighting, humidity and air quality within hospitals ensuring your team are working smart and promoting well-being.

Patient experience

Inefficient plant operation may increase patient risk, employee sickness levels, high levels of employee absenteeism and reduced productivity. A deteriorating or poorly maintained BMS/BEMS may present further risk of legionellosis (HTM 07-04) or insufficient air changes (HTM 03-01).
Health Technical Memorandum 00 Policies and principles of healthcare engineering 2014 edition. (2014). [online] . Available at: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/299276/HTM_00.pdf.

NHS estates guidance for medical gas pipeline systems (HTM 02-01)

BOSS CONTROLS can monitor and measure your medical gas usage to ensure that sufficient levels are maintained on a real-time basis. A staged early warning alarming platform provides time to act in a timely manner to maintain gas operational requirements in healthcare premises. 

Heating and ventilation of health sector buildings (HTM 03-01)

Through the implementation of smart control strategies BOSS CONTROLS can optimise your heating and ventilation systems to ensure that thermal comfort is met. Our BMS/BEMS alarms) will alert you to manage any potential risk of infection due to environmental conditions, allowing you to take action quickly.

Safe water in healthcare premises (HTM 04-01)

A number of the control parameters can, however, be continuously monitored by BOSS CONTROLS including temperatures, timing, pressurisation, circulating pumps and water treatment systems for faults. We will provide a documented procedure for regularly checking the BEMS alarms.

Managing Healthcare Fire Safety (HTM 05-01)

Fire strategy is fundamental in saving lives in a hospital. At BOSS CONTROLS we believe in validating your fire strategy to ensure HVAC systems operate in a safe manner to manage your smoke management strategy.

Electrical services supply and distribution (HTM 06-01)

BOSS CONTROLS can monitor your power distribution network including battery backup, UPS systems, critical power all via a central real time alarm system. Furthermore, via smart electrical loads can be monitored for peak demand and load shedding purposes.

Making energy work in healthcare (HTM 07-02)

The NHS and healthcare sector spend more than £750 million on energy costs each year.  BOSS CONTROLS can benchmark your existing energy consumption data providing there are sufficient energy meters around the site. Our BMS software can perform the data calculations automatically for presenting an overall assessment of performance identifying areas of excessive usage.

Water management and water efficiency (HTM 07-04)

BOSS CONTROLS can monitor water consumption to identify potential leaks or excessive consumption; furthermore, we can monitor critical water temperature and booster plant providing potable water for staff and patients. Cooling-towers can be monitored via smart alarming to ensure that site maintenance is carried out in a timely manner.

Building planning and construction in the health sector (HTM 07-07)

In response to the Sustainable Procurement Task Force (SPTF), BOSS CONTROLS is a sustainable business and we can produce a supplier trail of our equipment and services. BOSS CONTROLS is committed to continual improvement and is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accredited. Please see our vision, mission and values.

Design and maintenance of lifts in the health sector (HTM 08-02)

Lifts are essential to allow safe movements of staff, patients and equipment in healthcare buildings. BOSS CONTROLS can provide an automated monitoring and test function to provide early warning of lift failures is to assist in maintaining a high standard of lift availability.

“The NHS has a carbon footprint of 21 million tonnes CO2 per year and there is continuous pressure to reduce its carbon footprint and keep costs down” (source: Carbon Trust).

Approximately 60-80% of a building’s energy consumption is controlled via the BMS and our experts ensure that your BMS/BEMS is optimised to the way the building is used and therefore can make a significant positive impact in a short space of time. BOSS CONTROLS has been responsible for energy reduction in the NHS and private healthcare since 2011.

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