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24/7 remote critical alarm management

24/7 Remote Critical Alarm Management

To ensure a prompt response, Boss Controls will categorise critical alarms or setpoints within your building by developing smart rules to prioritise and classify events on a 24/7 basis. We will ascertain whether the alarms relate to life safety, critical operations, energy consumption, government energy legislation and then identify potential risk and assist in managing your businesses impact.

We will also monitor and manage any incident and set hierarchy rules for escalation as required.

Our Alarm Management services can be provided from an Energy, Environmental and Operational perspective.

For example, we configure your alarms:

  • Critical Energy Alarm Management:  to trigger when you have exceeded peak usage to mitigate economic risk on energy costs for example, electricity and gas
  • Environmental Alarm Management: to trigger when environmentally sensitive areas are non compliant or out of range
  • Operational Alarm Management: to trigger when there are critical mechanical and/or electrical failures leading to business continuity risk

Alarm service capable of being provided 24/7/365 if required and are transmittable via Voice, SMS and Email to as many people as required. Critical alarms events provide full historical data for auditing purposes with capabilities for reporting functions off the back of this.

We offer bespoke solutions, based on the site requirements. If this service sounds of interest and you would like to discuss further please contact us via our contact form or call 01403 886508.

We are experts in Trend, Siemens, Distech, Tridium, Niagara, Forest Rock, Sauter and Dali2,  working with BMS/BEMS and Lighting products providing smart dashboards offering a holistic view of your building’s health.

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