963 to IQ Vision upgrades

5 reasons why you should upgrade your 963 to IQ®VISION now

Trend 963 software has been discontinued, and we have detailed below some reasons why it is so important to upgrade to IQ Vision. IQ®VISION is secure, seamless, simple, saving and systemic …

BOSS CONTROLS is a Trend Technology Partner and this means that your upgrade is in the best hands, carried up by expert BMS Controls engineers.

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We are experts in Trend Controls, with the ability to create smart BEMS/BMS dashboards offering a holistic view of your building’s performance.


IQ®VISION achieves higher security in three ways:

  • IQ Vision is JAVA free which removes legacy security issues.
  • IQ® VISION’s in-built authentication requires users to choose strong Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) passwords that are then encrypted.
  • To further enhance security, a comprehensive audit trail of database changes, database storage and back-up, global time functions, calendars, central scheduling, control and energy management routines can also be configured.


Three simple reasons why you should upgrade to IQ®VISION today.

  • IQ®VISION integrates multiple systems together in one simple and useful graphics dashboards
  • IQ®VISION offers simple mobile viewing on many platforms including iPads and iPhones.
  • IQ®VISION is a real-time user interface that enables users to get the very best from their BEMS, providing simple graphical information to standard internet browsers.



IQ®VISION significantly reduces engineering time and enables you to reduce energy consumption which reduces your costs.

  • IQ®VISION introduces a wide range of dynamic new features which reduce energy costs because the measurement user friendly.
  • IQ®VISION increases the lifespan of your assets reducing runtime wear and tear via smart strategy.


IQ®VISION offers benefits to improve the whole organisation.

  •  IQ®VISION helps building owners and managers to easily manage all buildings from single sites to multiple sites, improving comfort and increasing productivity across the whole organisation.
  •  IQ®VISION is designed to manage buildings from entry level HVAC control, through to enterprise wide head-end integration, giving building owners and managers the ability to identify issues quickly and optimise their systems efficiency.
  • It is easy to diagnose problems and compare data between buildings on  multi-site applications.
  • IQ®VISION can integrate to many system applications, such as work order management, energy platforms and analytical systems.


IQ®VISION provides a seamless experience in six ways:

  • IQ®VISION has a completely OPEN and extendable platform; it will accept any open protocol, TONN integration or Third Party application. Third Party systems such as BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus, KNX, OPC
  • IQ®VISION integrates Trend controllers AND third-party smart devices and internet protocols into a centralised software platform.
  • IQ®VISION has a diverse range of useful functions such as centralised data logging, archiving, alarming, trending, master scheduling, system wide database management and integration with enterprise software applications – all of which can be used for highlighting and investigating energy use within buildings.
  • IQ Vision has a System Migration Tool which allows us to import schematics from 963 Supervisor and system data from IQ®SET projects.
  • IQ Vision has a Schematics Migration Tool which automatically converts existing 963 Supervisor schematics and library symbols to IQ®VISION where they can be edited and extended with new features.
  • IQ®VISION includes Integrated Network Management Tools that support the design, configuration, installation and maintenance of interoperable networks, where multiple Trend IQ®VISION controllers can be networked together.

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