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Boss Controls is a Trend Technology Partner
Trend Technology Partner

Boss Controls is now a Trend Technology Partner

We are excited to announce that Boss Controls has recently achieved the highest status in the 2021 Trend Controls’ Partner Programme: Trend Technology Partner.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you know Boss Controls takes its role within the energy sector extremely seriously and that we leverage technology to true heights to enhance your business assets. Our prestigious partnership with Trend also gives you peace of mind that our BMS controls engineers are the best in the industry, and you can trust them to deliver enhanced solutions and customer service.

We are immensely proud to achieve this partnership status with Trend, which is a leading global business. The combination of Trend’s exceptional training programme alongside our team sticking to our core values, even through an unprecedented pandemic, has enabled us to remain relevant and of great value to our clients.

Together, this winning combination has propelled us in the right direction towards becoming a Trend Technology Partner.

A reminder of our core values, which are:

  • We communicate: People often forget that listening is the most important part of communication. It is through careful listening that we understand and achieve our clients’ goals. We have the technology within Boss Controls to ensure that our whole team are effectively communicating and are truly customer-focused.
  • We empower: Boss Controls ensures our clients have a clear view of their energy consumption, putting simple benchmarks and measurements in place to create smart buildings and informed decision-making.
  • We learn: In order to achieve The Trend Technology Partnership, we continuously invest in the development of our BMS controls engineers, who are trained to the highest standard, to optimise our clients’ buildings, which in turn optimises their businesses.

We will continue to develop and invest in our team, so we can keep adapting and growing from the latest IoT changes, enabling continued success for our partners, clients and for us.

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