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Sector experience

Sector experience

Find out how Boss Controls BMS experts increase productivity in education, healthcare, industrial, entertainment, retail, museums and galleries
“Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long run it is almost everything.” (Krugman P, 1994 – Nobel Peace Prize Winner).
Boss Controls’ provides BEMS servicing (PPM) for many sectors and building types within each sector, all with different priorities.
However the one thing that all sectors have in common is that they contribute to the economy by increasing productivity. In order to increase productivity, workplaces must be comfortable so employees can work smarter. Boss Controls plays a significant part in this role while increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

In general, your workplace building accounts for the second largest cost after salaries. Yet, organisations in most sectors only review their building efficiency every decade versus measuring their employee effectiveness on an annual basis.

The Stoddart Review states that: “that variables such as air quality, light levels and humidity can affect both physical manufacturing processes and human performance. Collecting this data allows the company to optimise working environments for enhanced performance”.

Read our article about how temperature effects productivity.


Learn how Boss Control’s expert BEMS engineers help you to achieve KPIs in your sector.

Boss Controls works in the following sectors

Education sector

We optimise the environment for wellbeing and comfort in schools, colleges and universities.  Read more >


Helping the NHS and private sector to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce costs. Read more >

Museums and heritage

Protecting and futureproofing heritage buildings and valuable artifacts. Read more >

Entertainment & hospitality

Theatres, casinos, hotels, leisure centres ... Keep customers comfy and loyal.  Read more >

Retail / shopping malls

Energy reduction in shopping malls and retail. Keeping shoppers comfortable. Read more >

Manufacturing and industrial

We help manufacturing, warehouse and industrial businesses reduce energy while protecting assets Read more >

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