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Why have we introduced Distech alongside our trusted partners?

Boss Controls has recently welcomed Distech alongside its other trusted partners, Trend, Siemens and Forest Rock. The addition of Distech expands our smart building offering; Distech is a really innovative company with a comprehensive range of products. They provide an alternative, especially with WIFI connectivity, which allows Boss Controls to continue to offer superior customer service by being relevant now and in the future. We understand that all our customers have different requirements and Distech may be the best fit in some cases.

Distech Controls’ aligns with Boss Controls’ vision and mission by excelling in:

  • Creating intelligent and connected buildings with optimised controls for ventilation, temperature, humidity and lighting for the highest level of occupancy comfort and productivity
  • Smart technology enables 30% energy savings even when organisations are spread across multiple sites
  • Smart technology enables clients to remain agile by embracing our changing environment and new ways of working
  • Working towards a sustainable business and a greener world

What is a commercial smart building?

Imagine an office where you walk into the building each morning using your smart access card and your office or workstation welcome you with your preferred temperature and ambient lighting by the time you reach your desk, despite there being a seasonal shift in outside temperature. Your automatic blinds have also adjusted to stop the morning sun blinding you and raising the temperature of the office because it knows this is how you like it. As a result, you feel comfortable and at your most productive from the minute you sit down – even at 7am when you are usually in at 8am.

This particular morning you have an important meeting in the boardroom. The remote sensors have detected the correct amount of meeting members, adjusting the light and temperature accordingly. The main item on your meeting agency is energy efficiency. Your smart controls have enabled you to easily access powerful energy insights which are impressively displayed on all your laptop, iPhone and laptop screens in your preferred format.

This powerful data allows you to effectively plan for a more sustainable business and world, despite your business spanning across multiple sites throughout the UK. This lowers your carbon footprint and aligns with your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy which alongside your increased productivity, enhances your business brand. It is a successful meeting because everyone was at the perfect temperature for focus. Once you finish your meeting, the sensors pick up an empty boardroom and reduce energy consumption.

Imagine this. It does happen. Boss Controls makes it happen.

Smart training for our superior BMS Controls’ engineers

Our BMS engineers are qualified to connect controls for the whole environment and we do this through all our partners, Trend, Siemens, Forest Rock and Distech on a regular basis.

For further information about smart buildings and how we work with our partners, Distech, Trend, Siemens and Forest Rock to help you achieve your vision and mission, please call us on 01403 886508 today or use the contact form below to arrange an informal chat. 

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