BMS Controls: Rises in commercial energy tariffs improve ROI returns

Vicky Vaughan

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Professionally optimised BMS controls maximise ongoing business savings within a short timeframe, so why aren’t all commercial buildings fitted with BMS controls?

When BMS controls are fitted by experienced BMS engineers, ongoing savings are achieved for the lifetime of buildings through reducing energy consumption and waste, and prolonging the life expectancy of HVAC plant.  Therefore, it seems logical that businesses would be making a sound decision by auditing their current BMS controls to understand if they are fully optimised, in order to make informed decisions about upgrading and renewable energy options.

It was recently reported that in 2022, UK businesses will waste £33bn worth of energy which is enough to power London for seven years (source EnergyLive News). Combined with the recent hike in energy prices, and no cap on commercial energy tariffs, then now is a perfect opportunity to benefit from a faster return on investment. Why does the word ‘investment’ feel like ‘root canal treatment’ for some decision makers?

Psychology of Return on Investment

The term ‘instant gratification’ can spring to mind when one thinks of Return on Investment. How instant and big is the reward for our investment in time, money, and effort? Will I look good amongst my work peers?

It’s a bit like swapping a bad habit (not changing) for a good habit (personal development); we need to keep remembering why we are munching on celery sticks, rather than on our favourite chocolate snack. Our long-term health seems a million miles away and is of no immediate interest. We are not emotionally attached to it. Therefore, we may leave doing the right thing until our jeans no longer zip up.

We know that fully optimised BMS controls and renewable energy options are best for business budgets and building health, but will you wait until your jeans won’t do up before you do anything? How useful is that for your career?

In order to better understand the emotional mind of a Finance Director, I asked our FD, John Yue: “As an FD, why do you think there is sometimes a barrier to initial outlay in upgrading BMS controls or switching to renewable energy in a time like this?”

John replied: “Hard statistical evidence of ROI, and zero risk, are the overriding judgement criteria when investing in any new kit, in any department, for any long term saving. Especially when I’m up against other savings that can be made, through reduction in head count, training, and reducing marketing or IT spend.” (Eek!).

BOSS CONTROLS innovative solutions offers risk-free, maximum rewards for auditing, upgrading and optimising BMS controls

In line with our vision, mission and values. We are on a mission to reduce energy consumption, save businesses money and protect our beautiful planet through. There is no better time to upgrade and optimise your BMS controls for maximum returns.

BOSS CONTROLS can supply your Finance Director with hard evidence of risk-free energy savings and Return on Investment of BMS controls and renewable energy options.  Call us on 01403 886508 or use our contact form below for information regarding return on your investment for your business.

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