Why BOSS CONTROLS is a great place to work

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Why BOSS CONTROLS is a great place to work - Andrew Hillman, BMS Controls Engineer

Andrew Hillman has been part of the team at BOSS CONTROLS for 1.5 years, and we are thrilled for his blog contribution where he shares what it’s like to be a BMS Controls engineer, and what it’s like to work here.

When did you join BOSS CONTROLS?

I joined BOSS CONTROLS in May 2021. Prior to that, I was mostly self-employed and have been working in the industry almost 20 years.

How is BOSS CONTROLS different from other places you have worked?

I have found that my co-workers at Boss are a lot more friendly and willing to help than at other places I’ve worked. You feel like part of a team rather than every man for himself, and there’s always someone on the end of the phone if you need advice. The company overall is a lot more family orientated, too.

What’s the best and worst about your job?

The best thing about BOSS CONTROLS is that everyone is very relaxed – as long as your jobs are getting done, they don’t put a lot of stress and pressure on you. The worst thing about being in the BMS controls industry, in general, is that you’re often working on your own for long periods of time.

How do you make the worst bits great?

I make working on my own more fun by talking and singing to myself, typically earning funny looks from customers – but they soon get to know me! I also know that someone will always send a funny picture in our WhatsApp group to cheer everyone up!

What’s the vibe like at Boss?

The vibe is always friendly and relaxed, with lots of opportunities to share what we’re proud of and ask for help when needed.

In your experience, how do you think that BOSS CONTROLS lives our core values?

  • We respect: The team totally respects each other, and I really feel like there is no such thing as a stupid question – I never feel like I can’t ask someone for help.
  • We communicate: The communication at Boss is always effective – emails, phone calls, WhatsApp and JobLogic. There’s never a shortage of ways to get in touch.
  • We empower: I always feel in control while working for Boss – I have the freedom to manage my jobs and tasks while always knowing there is support available of I need it.
  • We balance: Boss balances our team by providing us with the tools to succeed – the right admin tools balance the bulk of the work we do as engineers. They are also very environmentally conscious, and are keen for engineers to chose hybrid vehicles.
  • We Learn: We learn from each other – there is very definitely a strong culture of growth amongst the engineers. Training is also essential day to day.

What transferable skills have you brought with you from other jobs? How do you use them?

Communication is an essential part of a BMS controls engineer role, and I love to talk! I think I have a strong ability to keep the customer happy, as at the end of the day they pay my wages! I always have a strong desire to get the job done, too. And I’m not too bad at sales either!

What’s it like working as a BMS controls engineer?

When things going your way, it can be fantastic! But in a way, when things are going wrong or are more difficult than it first seemed, it’s even more satisfying when you solve the problem and get things working again.

Do you ever feel isolated working alone?

Not often, I know there’s always people on the end of the phone. And whilst on site I get to meet lots of different people, from doctors and nurses to teachers and other engineers like me. There’s always someone to have a chat with! And I also like to ring the boss Tom once or twice a day just to annoy him!

What sort of person would be good for a BMS Controls engineer job?

You have to be a strong team player, but also have the drive and motivation to work on your own. You need the ability to problem-solve and not give up when things aren’t easy. I believe being a people’s person is very important as you have lots of face-to-face contact with different customers and clients.

Any recommendations for new employees coming to BOSS CONTROLS?

Just remember we are still a growing company and as such we might not get everything right first time, but we are always learning and putting things in place to facilitate success for everyone. This also means that you might need to be a bit more versatile and help out, but that’s what being part of a team is all about!

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