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BOSS CONTROLS is at the forefront of building management systems (BMS), boasting a full suite of accreditations. As a Trend Partner, Siemens Solution Partner, and with expertise in Tridium’s Niagara Framework®, we offer tailored, energy-efficient solutions that are automatic and secure 24/7. Our innovative approach is further enhanced by Distech’s forward-thinking technology and Forest Rock’s Energyvision software, ensuring optimal energy usage and cost savings. Upholding the highest standards, we’re proud to be ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, and our commitment to cybersecurity is recognized by the Cyber Essentials Scheme. Trust us to deliver BMS solutions that align with our distinguished status.

Trend Technology Centre
 Trend Controls technology by BOSS CONTROLS Trend Technology Centre: We are a fully accredited Trend Partner which means our expert Trend BMS engineers can efficiently control as much as 84% of your building’s energy consumption. Furthermore, we optimise your Trend controls so they are completely automatic, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are able to offer independent advice over system design and ancillary component selection – and can mix and match the most appropriate combination of elements. We will deliver fully integrated packages tailored to your business, your building and its occupants.

Siemens Partner
Siemens BMS Technology by BOSS CONTROLS BOSS CONTROLS is a Siemens Solution Partner which means our expert engineers have to continuously prove their expertise, performance, and knowledge in all aspects of the business. The Siemens partner logo affirms this status and is your assurance of the quality it represents. We understand your business and receive extensive training to enrich their system expertise and create tailored offerings suited to your requirements. You get energy-efficient, economically balanced, and future-proof Siemens solutions from knowledgeable professionals.

Tridium technology - smart building optimisation

Tridium technology – smart building optimisation

Tridium is the developer of Niagara Framework® — a comprehensive software platform for the development and deployment of connected products and device-to-enterprise applications. Niagara provides the critical device connectivity, cyber security, control, data management, device management and user presentation capabilities needed to extract value and insight from real-time operational data

Niagara Framework
Niagara Framework on open protocol standards  Tridium has built Niagara Framework on open-protocol standards, and it has brought it to market with an open distribution model.  This open approach is core to Tridium’s success. Today, there are almost one million instances of Niagara at work in hundreds of thousands of projects worldwide. And, the large Niagara Community of customers and development partners is continuously at work improving our platform and expanding its scope. Our solutions allow diverse monitoring, control and automation systems to communicate and collaborate in buildings, data centres, manufacturing systems, smart cities and more. We create smarter, safer and more efficient enterprises and communities.

Distech BMS technology from BOSS CONTROLS 

The addition of Distech expands our smart building offering; Distech is a really innovative company with a comprehensive range of products. They provide an alternative, especially with WIFI connectivity, which allows BOSS CONTROLS to continue to offer superior customer service by being relevant now and in the future. We understand that all our customers have different requirements and Distech may be the best fit in some cases.

Forest Rock

We use Energyvision which allows organisations to achieve high economy and to maximise energy efficiency of their buildings. This software tool automatically collects and analyses all forms of energy consumption. The visually appealing graphics and charts guarantee easily-understood presentation of the essential information. We help you to collect, archive, evaluate and visualise your energy consumption, enabling you to realise substantial reductions in your energy costs.

ISO 9001:2015
BOSS CONTROLS is 1S0 9001 accredited 

BOSS CONTROLS Ltd has been audited and found to meet the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Scope of certification: BMS systems – building controls – installation, servicing and energy monitoring.

ISO 14001:2015
BOSS CONTROLS is 1S0 14001 accredited 

BOSS CONTROLS Ltd has been audited and found to meet the requirements of standard ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

Scope of certification: BMS systems – building controls – installation, servicing and energy monitoring

Cyber Essentials Scheme
Cyber Essentials at BOSS CONTROLS

BOSS CONTROLS has recently been awarded the certificate for the Cyber Essentials Scheme. It is important for us to be cyber secure because we use the latest BMS technology to enable UK businesses to reduce their energy consumption and increase levels of well-being and productivity.

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