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What is Red Zone or Red Rate Avoidance?

Red Zone or Red Rate Avoidance provides the ability to take advantage of significant utility savings by understanding the DUoS charges (Distribution use of system) applied by the UK’s Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) standardised charging structure for delivering electricity.

You may not be aware that, unless managed, organisations may be subject to an increase in electricity rates that goes from approximately 0.2p per kWh to 4.2p per kWh during normal working hours. This is is a huge jump which is more noticeable in larger buildings or multi-site organisations such as schools and hospitals. This is why energy management, BMS optimisation and Facilities Management should be on the boardroom agenda.

How do organisations avoid the Red Zone or Red Rate?

It is important to note that BMS optimisation to enable organisations to avoid the Red Zone or Red Rate will never sacrifice on occupancy comfort if completed by a professional BMS controls engineer; we will always intelligently monitor the temperatures to ensure they do not breach comfort policies.

Currently, the 10 main UK distributors offer a structure in which the charges for electricity significantly rise during allocated ‘peak periods’ (generally 16:00-19:30,which slightly vary) and these are split by region.

Boss Controls BMS engineers manages the energy demand of the primary and secondary plant to minimise usage within these peak hours for maximum savings. We do this by developing an intelligent BMS strategy which poses no interruption to the working environment and occupants.

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