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Boss Controls optimises offices and showrooms

Offices – head Offices and multisite offices

Boss Controls’ maximises occupancy comfort and smart thinking for hundreds of thousands of office workers across the UK in a number of sectors:  charities, retail, local government, leisure and hospitality and the list goes on.

We use the latest technology supported by remote connectivity to make it easy for organisations to reduce their energy consumption and save money. For example, occupancy sensors can detect area occupancy and enable/disable heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) automatically on demand. Free cooling can be enabled through naturally ventilating your workspace where possible to reduce energy costs when the ambient is higher

Working Environment

A comfortable controlled physical environment aids in managing stress promoting a more productive atmosphere for all your staff and occupants. Smart HVAC and lighting control can improve your building environment by compensating for light reduction and ambient air temperatures.

Sick Buildings

Air changes are fundamental to a safe working environment especially in current times. Poorly ventilated buildings lead to a build-up of CO2 and other VOC’s impacting on staff wellbeing. Boss Controls can implement smart strategies to control and maintain a healthy environment.

Behavioural Change

With ever changing technology leads to a greater need to embrace change. Legacy controls may lead to constant interaction by employees which can be eliminated via smart control strategies and User interfaces to feedback requirements to central controllers for key decision making all whilst saving energy.

Boss Controls works in the following sectors

Education sector

We optimise the environment for wellbeing and comfort in schools, colleges and universities.  Read more >


Helping the NHS and private sector to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce costs. Read more >

Museums and heritage

Protecting and futureproofing heritage buildings and valuable artifacts. Read more >

Entertainment & hospitality

Theatres, casinos, hotels, leisure centres ... Keep customers comfy and loyal.  Read more >

Retail / shopping malls

Energy reduction in shopping malls and retail. Keeping shoppers comfortable. Read more >

Manufacturing and industrial

We help manufacturing, warehouse and industrial businesses reduce energy while protecting assets Read more >

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How BOSS CONTROLS is helping the UK to improve health

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